A GG6 Spoiler (that didn’t actually happen)

So yesterday I got the following question on Tumblr. And answered it. But because I know a lot of you probably aren’t on Tumblr, I wanted to share the response with you as well.

Because I think it might kind of freak you out.


bcbookobsessed asked:
Are you ever going to let you readers know who you killed off in United We Spy but decided not to in the end?

theallycarter answered:

I suppose I can now tell you that in the early versions of UNITED WE SPY Preston died. And he died bloody.

Another writing post–what Jen said

Hi all,

Another quick post today on the subject of writing and publishing and–more specifically–publishing at a very young age.

As many of you know, my BFF is Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Jen published her first novel when she was a teenager, and she writes very thoughtfully on the subject right here.

I highly recommend you read it. Especially if you’re someone who has made a goal like “I will publish a novel by the time I’m 18!”

I’m all for goals… But I do think that that particular type of goal is sometimes detrimental to a person’s happiness in the long-run.

What Natalie said…

Hi everybody!

You know how sometimes I like to offer writing/publishing advice because I know a lot of you have that as a dream?  Well, today I want to point you to some most excellent advice and words-of-wisdom by author Natalie Whipple.

Really, it is GREAT STUFF. And those of you who are interested in this crazy business would do well to go read it. Right now.



Greetings from New York!

Hi everybody!

Guess what: I’m in New York!

Now, those of you in and around NYC, don’t freak out–I’m not doing any public events. You didn’t miss any announcements. I’m just here for some meetings with my publisher. If and when I have some tour dates to announce, rest assured, I’ll let everybody know.

Like how I’m going to be in NEW ORLEANS, LA in May and SAN ANTONIO, TX in July. Check here for details.

He’s here!

Hi everybody,

Ally here with a very happy-making announcement:

Shellie is the proud momma of a very happy, healthy and beautiful baby boy!

Baby boy joins one very adorable big sister, and the entire family is doing well.

Won’t you join me in congratulating Shellie in the comments?




Magnificent Monday

Hi Guys!

Since I am having my baby this week, and I won’t be able to go again for a few months, I decided to go see a movie this past weekend. What movie did I see? Divergent of course! It was so good.

Ally has said many times that if you want your favorite YA novels to become movies then you really need to go see the YA movies when they come out. Divergent isn’t the only YA movie this year. What movie(s) are you looking forward to seeing?

Magnificent Lucky Monday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I thought today would be the perfect time to have another giveaway! Up for grabs…a signed Ally book of your choosing!!!

Who is feeling LUCKY????1 clover

Just post in the comments what book you would like to win.

Standard Rules Apply: Please only comment one time. US residence only. I will pick a winner randomly in 24 hours!


Victoria says:

Heist Society please! It’s my all te favorite and I only have it as an ebook

Embassy Row is finished!

Hi everybody,

Ally here with what I hope is an exciting announcement…

Last night at about 3:30 a.m. I turned in the final draft of Embassy Row! And you know what this means.

This means we do the Dance of the Finished Book!

(it goes like this)


What else does this mean? Well, Embassy Row is now in the hands of the great people at Scholastic who will  go about turning it from a Microsoft Word file into a book. And then make sure that those books are in stores and stuff.

Magnificent Monday

Hey Everyone!

We just finished up having a 4th birthday party for my daughter! Since the new baby is due next week I opted to have a friend who just started a party planning business put together everything for Amelia’s Cowgirl Birthday! It turned out so stinking cute that I just had to share with you guys! Amelia’s favorite color is green and her one request was that she have a green number four candle on her cake. Here are some pictures:

4 dessert table 4 kids table 4 cake

What has been your favorite birthday? Or is there a birthday that you are looking forward to?

Photography class

Hi everybody.

Ally here with a very exciting development: I HAVE A HOBBY.

Yes. *high fives self*

You see, for the longest time, writing was my hobby. But once something becomes your job it sort of by definition stops being your hobby. So I’ve been on the hunt for a new hobby, and I think I have one.

I’ve been taking a photography class. It’s nothing fancy. Just a beginner level class where you basically learn how to work your camera and the basic principals.