San Antonio, baby!

Hi everybody!

I should be packing.

No. Seriously. I leave tomorrow, and I have no idea what I should wear or take. And shoes! The shoe question is always a BIG one!

Where am I going?

Well, regular blog readers will hopefully remember that I am attending the Romance Writers of America Annual Convention in San Antonio.

If you live in the San Antonio area, please try to come by for the first night of the conference!

The Literary Autographing is free and open to the public. It takes place Wednesday, July 23 at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. Click here for complete information.

Magnificent Monday

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to take today’s post to remind every one of all the ways you can interact with Ally!

See her in person at RWA Literacy Autographing this Wednesday, July 23, in San Antonio, TX!!!

Ally truly does her best to stay in touch with readers. You can keep up with her on all of these sites, her official Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter pages.

And don’t forget we still post your Fan Art on Fan Art Friday’s on her Tumblr page and you can send your artwork to [email protected]!

Magnificent Monday

Hi All!

So I got to read book one of Embassy Row this weekend!!!!

This is the BEST and WORST part of my job. I get to read Ally’s stuff in advance but then I don’t have anyone to talk to about it with!

I can’t wait for all of you to get to read it because I know you are going to LOVE it. Also, I know we are going to have some super fun stuff leading up  to its release!

I will have to stay in my house and not to talk to anyone because I am bursting with Embassy Row information.

Letter to Baby Author Me…revisited

Hi everyone!

Doing a retro-throwback post today!

Because, you see, in a few weeks I’m going to be giving a speech at the Day of YA Pre-Conference at the Romance Writers of America Convention in San Antonio.

(And, don’t forget, I’ll also be signing in San Antonio on July 23. If you live in the area, please come by!)

So that has got me to thinking about this post that I wrote a couple of years ago. It was true then. It’s true now.

And I hope you like it!


Magnificent Monday

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I hope all the Ally Carter fans here in the US had a great July 4th weekend!

My family and I celebrated with a classic American cookout and fireworks at the end.

How about you? How does your family celebrate July 4th? If out of the US what holiday do you love to celebrate in your country?

Do you like hotdogs, hamburgers, or something else?

Fireworks? Just watch them? Shoot them off? Totally avoid them?

Can’t wait to read all your responses!



From Tumblr…on movies

Hi all,

Reposting this from


When you make your movie, would you ever consider letting a huge fan being a character/actor in your movies? (: I’ve been doing live Theatre for most of my life (I’m 18), and I’ve grown with the Gallagher Girls, and I would love to be apart of it. (:

ASKED BY effervescenteliza

We get a lot of questions about movies. Or potential movies. It is nice and very flattering, but I’m afraid it doesn’t change the reality in which we live.

On Book Festivals…

As an author of young adult literature, I’m lucky. As an author who has been blessed with publishers who love and support my work, I’m EXTREMELY lucky.

This means that I frequently get to travel (at my publisher’s expense) to conferences filled with librarians and teachers and book sellers.

It means I get to take off for weeks on end for book tours that take me all over the country (and sometimes even out of the country) where I get to meet readers and gatekeepers and members of the media.

It means that I am not just lucky. I’m LUCKY, y’all. I really, truly am.

Magnificent Mega Giveaway Monday!

Hi Everyone!

As promised we have a really great giveaway today!

06-30-14 giveaway

Up for grabs are 3 Heist Society books, a Double Crossed Chapter Sampler, a Heist Society Keychain, & a pair of Heist Society Sunglasses!

To be entered to win just answer these questions from Double Crossed:

1. Who are the two main characters in Double Crossed?

2. What 2 Ally Carter Series are the main characters from?

3. What kind of masks did the masked men wear?

Happy weekend!

Hello, everyone,

I hope you guys had a great week and are gearing up for an even better weekend. (Even though I know today is Thursday, it has felt like Friday all day, so I’m just going to go with it!)

What is going on here, you ask? Well, quite a few things, actually.


1. I’m working on Embassy Row 2. I’m actually doing what can best be described as “pre-writing”. I haven’t written hardly any of the actual book yet, but I’m doing the stuff that will hopefully make the book writing go a lot easier.

Magnificent Monday

Hi everyone!

Well I know last week I hinted that we would have a giveaway this week but since I didn’t go into Ally Carter HQ last week I don’t know what fun things we have to giveaway. But I promise I will have a giveaway next week so please check back!

And while you are waiting for next week to get here please see Ally’s blog about the changes on the website here .

Have a good week!



P.S. What fun things, that I have given away in the past, would you like to see up for grabs next week?