Ally in the UK!

Just in case all the UK Fans missed the big news…..

Ally will be in the UK NEXT WEEK!!!!!Details below!

June 6 at 3pm

Waterstones Piccadilly

June 7 at 5pm

Waterstones Birmingham

Here is your chance to see her! She is so excited to meet all her UK fans!

Magnificent Poetry Monday

Hi Everyone!

We are going to do something FUN today!

Ally was sent this really cool poem made from lines from All Fall Down.

My mother’s killer

A needle in an international haystack

A guy who knew what he was doing

He was Caucasian

Six one or two

Do you really believe that’s true?

A long list of people who have told me I am delusional

Tired of feeling helpless




It is a style called Found Poetry.

Found Poetry Definition:

Magnificent Graduation Giveaway!

Hi Everyone!

Since Graduation Season is upon us, I thought it would be a great time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

What are we giving away you ask? How about a signed Ally Carter book of your choice for you and a special graduate in your life!!!!

That’s right you get 2 Ally Carter books signed, one to keep and one to gift.

To be entered into the giveaway just reply in the comments who you would give your second book to.



Tayler Clements says:

Ally’s Live Chat

Hi Everyone!

Did you miss the Live Chat Ally did earlier this week?

Well don’t fret you can watch it Here!

And in case you missed the big cover reveal for the second book of the Embassy Row Series….


Have a good weekend! See you next week!



Live Chat Details!



Getting soooooo excited for tomorrow’s live chat and cover reveal for SEE HOW THEY RUN!

If you want to join us, it’s very easy.

Just follow this link: and RSVP now to get reminder emails about tomorrow. Or you can just log in closer to showtime (6:00 Eastern Standard Time tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5th).

One hour before chat time this page turns from an RSVP link to a JOIN link.

Fifteen minutes prior to start time (5:45 pm EST) someone from Shindig will come on to give some tips and instructions.

Magnificent Monday

Hi Everyone!

Tons of things going on around here at Ally Carter HQ!

In case you missed Ally’s post on Thursday she revealed the title of book 2 of the Embassy Row Series!

It’s titled See How They Run

And she will be doing a Live Video Chat Tomorrow! Ally is currently on a writers retreat with other writers who will be making guest appearances during the live chat so you don’t want to miss it!

Here is all the information:


So clear your schedule and get those questions ready!

See How They Run



Hi, everyone!

Ally here with what I hope will be VERY EXCITING news!

I’ve officially be given the green light to share that the title of Embassy Row 2 will be…


Now, this is where I usually ask y’all if you like it, but I am kind of past caring if anyone else likes it because I love it so darn much.

Magnificent Monday

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I love Mondays! Seriously, I do! It’s the start of a fresh week and for me time to recover from the weekend. Any one else love Mondays?

Any one have anything fun going on this week?

Did anyone do anything special last week for Earth Day?

Have a good week!


P.S. UK Fans keep posted for a special announcement coming soon!!!!!

Magnificent Monday

Hi Everyone!

Exciting News! Ally is going to be at the International Spy Museum on May 15!

She had such a  fun time when she was there last and can’t wait to visit again!

If you are going to be in the Washington, DC area please plan to visit her at the museum on the 15th or Gaithersburg Book Fest in Maryland on  May the 16th.

Ally loves being able to tour and meeting all of you in person! Hopefully if you are in the area you can come out and see her.

Have a good week!

Magnificent Monday


Hi Everyone!

I have a sick kiddo at home with me today so we are hanging out in our pajamas and watching Disney movies.

What do you guys like to do when you are home sick? Watch anything special? Eat anything in particular?

My favorite movie to watch when I was home sick or up late was Beauty and the Beast. That movie would help me fall asleep every time. Still to this day I have a hard time staying awake when my daughter wants to watch it!

Have a good and hopefully healthy week!