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A New Year! - Ally Carter

A New Year!

Hi everyone!

Ally here wishing you all a very happy new year! I know I have been pretty radio silent lately, but I am vowing to do better in 2014!

So in addition to Magnificent Mondays, I will personally try to post at least once a week. Sometimes it might not be much, but I’m going to try to keep you guys up to date on all that’s going on with me–even though most of it is pretty boring most of the time.

For example…

–Lately I’ve been reading A LOT of historical romance. My favorites are by Sarah Maclean. If you read adult romance you should check them out. (but do note that they are adult book. As in…not rated PG.)

–I’m currently hard at work trying to title the book that we have been calling Embassy Row (it will likely be the Embassy Row series. But we need a title for book 1.) So that is what I’m doing work-wise. (Not that I’m asking for title suggestions–I’m not! Just bringing you guys into the loop.)

–It is COLD here! Painfully, brutally cold. A lot of you are, too, I know. And a lot of people are suffering. Please keep those without shelter and resources in your thoughts and prayers.

–I went to see the movie FROZEN. Three times. And I would go see it a fourth if I wasn’t afraid what that might say about me.

See?! Boring! But if you guys don’t mind, you’re going to get a lot more of it.







  2. don’t be ashamed! my friend also saw the movie three times and I would gladly do the same! Your awesome Ally!

  3. It’s great hearing from you, Ally! I went to see Frozen as well and I loved it! If you went to see it again for a fourth time, it just says that you appreciate good animated movies.

  4. Yes! I love FROZEN I have seen it twice and I’m a teenager! My friends and I all sing the songs when we are together it’s an adorable movie!

    • Me too! My cousins and I are all in high school and we always sing songs from the movie! Lol even the guys. Who is ur fav character

  5. OMG!! I love frozen!!! I watched it too and me and my friends sing along all day when we can!! It’s soo much fun!!! And all that says about u is that you have good taste…and judging by your books, U TOTALLY DO!!! And u can’t wait for your new book!!!!

  6. OMG YES I LOOOOVE FROZEN! Olaf is my favorite character, he’s so cute! I like when he sings and stares at the puddle and jumps over it like “HAPPY SNOWMAN” and Elsa’s voice is my favorite! Her building her castle and making her dress was, in my opinion, the best part of the movie!

  7. I wish I could see Frozen that much! I haven’t even seen it once because the nearest theater is an hour away!
    I can’t believe you read Sarah Maclean!! I thought no one read her work! Her YA book, The Season, was my first ever romance novel! I read it when I was ten and totally fell in love!!

  8. Yes! I’ve only seen Frozen once, but I thought it was amazing and I got the soundtrack too! Keep on posting stuff like this Ally! Its fun to hear about!

  9. I know right?! Here it got up to -18 degrees F with a windchill of -35 and FROZEN was a great movie. I hope it comes out on DVD soon. I think March 2014. Keep writing Ally! Work hard and blow our minds with Embassy Row! πŸ™‚

  10. I LOVE FROZEN!! Olaf is SOOO funny!! I have a poster of him in my room…is that weird for an 8th grader? Whatever I don’t care!! I’ve seen the movie 2 times and I might go a third. My friend has seen it 4 times and is going again this weekend. I sing the songs ALL the time and downloaded them the second I got to my computer after seeing it for the 1st time. My friends @ school think its ok..but its a disney movie. It’s for kids. But it has so much meaning behind it. And shows true emotion throughout the characters. I LOVE IT!!

  11. I loved frozen too! I want it on DVD so bad!

  12. Don’t worry your not the only one craving to see that awesome movie! It’s great to hear from you πŸ™‚

  13. Totally understandable! I think it’s really cool that you’ve seen it that many times. I LOVE Frozen!!! I’m buying it as soon as it comes out on DVD, so I can watch it everyday. I could never get enough of Olaf. πŸ™‚

  14. I have only seen Frozen once, BUT IT IS SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!

  15. Sarah Maclean? As in the same Sarah Maclean who wrote The Season? I love that book! I loved it so much I bought it a couple weeks back. I recommend it to everyone! It sits right next to all my GG books πŸ˜‰
    Annnd as for cold: It is -5 outside right now… and feels like -25. I’m staying inside.
    I’ve heard Frozen was really good, but I’ve yet to see it. I’ll probably go when it’s in the cheap theathers..

  16. I was so excited when I saw you posted!!! I haven’t seen frozen YET!!! And yah I know everyone is telling me how major of a sin it is:( But I did see Saving Mr Banks which I loved! Ugh too many goods movies out. I want to see Frozen, secret life of Walter middy- does anyone else want to see that as much as me or am I just a nerd!!!!
    Anyway have a great week and good luck with the cold. It sounds horrible I heard it is breaking records… Ugh sounds like it stinks sorry for you guys:(

  17. Water Lily says:

    No one’s going to judge you because you’ve seen Frozen three times. I wish the movie would just come out on DVD so I could buy it! That movie was one of the best Disney movies ever! And I hope we get to hear a lot from you this year too πŸ™‚

  18. I LOVE FROZEN! and yes i have been praying for the people on the streets and in shelters…:/

  19. I absolutely loved frozen! The music was great

  20. octobergirl says:

    Thanks for the update I saw frozen too and thought it was great wonderful twist on the typical Disney movie.

  21. I saw frozen and I loved it. I would gladly watch it ten times if I had enough time.

  22. A Happy New Year from Japan!

  23. i loved frozen i have olny had the chance to see it once but it is awesome i would see it 5 more times if i could

  24. I love the movie Frozen!! It’s so cute! It’s definitely cold here! Just went outside almost froze my finger right when I stepped outside. Hope everyone’s safe and warm!

  25. I only saw it once, it’s got a okay plot line. Do you know what date essamly row will comes out on yet. I like to plan ahead because i so slow of a reader.

  26. I cant wait to see that movie! Some of my friends say its great.

  27. Dude I saw Frozen FOUR times and it was totally worth it every time! No shame. My favorite is to braid my hair and wear a hat and pretend I’m Anna every time I go out in the snow πŸ™‚

  28. Sabina G. says:

    Happy New Year! I am going to see Frozen this Saturday for the first time! Can’t wait for Embassy Row series!

  29. FROZEN WAS THE BEST!!!!!! I love Kristoff and his personality. “I’m gonna tell him.” That was pure gold to me haha.

  30. I loved Frozen. It’s one of the better Disney movies that came out. It’s weird how my friends and I are all juniors and seniors in high school and we literally all went to see Frozen. It was great.

  31. Why would you be ashamed? It’s awesome!!

  32. Do you remember the song in united we spy? How does it sound? We only know the lyrics! I’m asking because I’m a total music maniak and I think I cane ip with a pretty good tune!!

  33. Oh my i love frozen!!!! My best friend, older sister and i went to see it the other day! And right after got the sound track! Best movie i’ve seen in a while.

  34. Sarah Nguyen says:

    I can not wait for Embassy Row! You are my FAVORITE author. I think your books are the only ones where I can reread a hundred times. I’ve never read a book twice until you came. I literally spent my winter break rereading the whole Gallagher Girls books. I’m dying to read another one of your books! πŸ˜€

    There’s a song that they didn’t put in the movie, Frozen, but wrote which was really good. However, the actors who voiced Elsa and Anna didn’t sing it sadly (the writers I think did), but here’s the link if you want to listen to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUMiU2wp7ZQ

  35. i went to see frozen twice and i loved it!! and iv downloaded some of the songs, its a really good movie.

  36. Haha, Olaf is the best! I’m from Germany and I noticed that all of the names and locations were German!!! HAHAHAH (Note*: I’m NOT german hahahah) buuuut yeah Olaf is so sweet!!!!

  37. I am literally obsessed with the movie Frozen. It’s so perfect!!!!!!!!’ πŸ˜€ I love Anna and Olaf and Elsa… And best of all, I love how there’s no “evil” character. I mean, not like the previous disney villains like malificent or Ursula. And it’s funny and since the weather has also currently been blustery and freezing cold, it’s also relatable on that note. I love it !!! πŸ™‚

  38. crcbookclub says:

    Our school has read your first two novels in the Gallagher Girls series for our lunchtime book club. Is there a way for students to connect with you, Ally, to ask you questions (such as, of all of the Gallagher Books, which one is your very favorite?)? We have four meeting per book, and are on meeting #7 dedicated to reading your novels! This week, as one of our activities, we are hosting a faux “birthday party” for Cammie where each reader has to bring a homemade gift for Cammie, and describe why she would like it. Each student will draw a slip paper as they walk in the door, and this will be their “character” for the party. All guests will have to guess who has attended the party! Hope we can connect with you–Thanks!

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