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Magnificent MLK Monday! - Ally Carter

Magnificent MLK Monday!

Hey Everyone!

It has been one year since I started my Magnificent Monday posts!

To celebrate I am giving away a signed copy of United We Spy and an official Gallagher Academy notebook!


All you have to do is comment on what you would like to see more of this upcoming year in the Magnificent Monday blog.

We have a winner!!!!!

Mouse says:

More contest and give aways please! Also updates on Embassy Row… or tiny short stories on Gallagher Academy or Heist Society!!!

Thank you for everyone who participated this week!

Mouse please send me your mailing address to allycartercontest@gmail.com





  1. I’d love to see more background information about the Gallagher Girls and the Academy!

  2. I think I would like maybe some background on the Gallagher Girls books- answers to things that aren’t answered in the book- and more advice and things from Ally to writers.

  3. I would like to see sneak peeks of Embassy Row and more solve-the-code contests.

  4. I want to see more “afterwards” in regards to the Gallagher Girls and definitely HEIST SOCIETY!!!!

  5. Sarah Nguyen says:

    It would be totally awesome to have more posts about Embassy Row! I CAN’T WAIT. XD

  6. I really love the puzzles you have, they are a blast to figure out! Also updates on Embassy row and Ally’s are another one of my favorite things.

  7. I would really love to see some more info on Embassy row and maybe some news on the next Heist book since I know it can’t end yet.

  8. I would love to see more posts with information on how Ally thinks her direction for the series has changed. When she was originally writing the first few GG books, did she imagine it ending in a different way? Stuff like that.

  9. Today I start my second semester of sophomore year! Bring on the Blackthorne Boys!!! 😉

  10. I want to see more of the contests and ceaser ciphers!!!!!!! Love ya, Ally!!!!

  11. Sabina G. says:

    I would like to see more puzzles but when we solve a puzzle we get a sneak peak of Embassy Row!
    Oh I don’t need to win because I already have it but I just wanted to add my comment! 😀 😀 😀
    Good luck everyone! 😀

  12. I would love to see more playlists to accompany the books. I love listening to the songs you choose and applying them to the story.

  13. Wohoo yay! You are awesome

    • Sorry I didn’t finish my comment before I accidentally posted it… here is the continuation:

      and thank you so much for providing us with these giveaways. I would love to see more deleted scenes, but I understand how they are not viewed as particularly prided parts of an author’s construction. The puzzles are great though 🙂

  14. I would love sneak peeks of Embassy Row. I liked the contests where you had to find out who painted a famous painting or where it was located at.

  15. I would like to see more contests!!!!

  16. I would love to see some question posts (like the snowy day one) 😀

  17. I’d like to see more giveaways! The contests are great too.

  18. Oh my God! It would be just the vest thing that could happen if I could win. Well, I would love to see more details about what gave you the inspiration which was necessary for you to write GALLAGHER GIRLS. I am really interested and I would love winning the signed book and the notebook but the informantion, too. Thank you prevently!

  19. i would like to see more cool word puzzles and it would be so cool if you could just right cool undrafted zach and cammie or hale at kat moments or just random moments in the future for any of your characters to give to shellie to post every once and awhile. it would be so cool to see those characters come to life again!!!

  20. Deja Monet says:

    I’m ready to see more merch, a possible show or movie from one of your book series, and the next book in Heist Society since the GA series has been completed. 🙂

  21. Happy Aniversity!!! I started reading the Gallagher girls in January Last Year!
    The things I would like are more contests! Also I would like to see behind the scenes and extras of your books! Also what you and Ally are up to. I also would like to here that a GALLAGHER GIRL movie is going to happen! I know some people may not want a GG movie. I do!!!!!! They cant really delete anything. I think it wuld be the best movie series in the world!!!

  22. I just started reading the Gallagher girl books and they are amazing!!!!!!! Thank you so much for writing them! I’m so glad there is 6!!! Thanks again!!!!!!

    -SES 🙂

  23. Oh I have one more question! Does Zach and Cammie stay together????? I need to know! Haha 😉

  24. Cheataheart says:

    I have 2 questions to ask you :
    1.Do Cammie and Zach stay a couple?
    2.Are you going to make another Heist Society/Gallagher Girls short story crossover?

    • I would like to see more new books…;-)

      I love all your books. I finished the Gallagher girls and am on the 1st heist society. They are AMAZING!!!! 😀

      Thank you for your work!


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