Magnificent MLK Monday!

Hey Everyone!

It has been one year since I started my Magnificent Monday posts!

To celebrate I am giving away a signed copy of United We Spy and an official Gallagher Academy notebook!


All you have to do is comment on what you would like to see more of this upcoming year in the Magnificent Monday blog.

We have a winner!!!!!

Mouse says:





  1. Oooh I’d like to see more contests (: and sneak peeks of Embassy Row maybe?

  2. I love the contests but I also love learning about what’s going on and seeing all the other comments

  3. I would like to see more surveys those are really fun.(I have to get this in here) GO BRONCOS! Sea hawks are going down like patriots. Okay I am back thank you shellie for creating magnificant Monday I love it.

  4. Hmmm I’d like to hear more about Ally and what she is up to!

  5. More updates on Embassy Row, more mind puzzling, cryptic codes, and international competitions, because there are so many more spies out there that read your books, than just in the USA! In, over and out.

  6. I’d like to see more of the “figure out the phrase with a code” posts, for fun or a giveaway. I love doing them! Thanks for a year of Magnificent Mondays, Shellie!

  7. Natasha Goode says:

    I would love to see more holiday stories and pictures

  8. Kacey Huynh says:

    Maybe if you wrote a small short story of Cammie and the gang:)

  9. What a wonderful year it has been!
    I’d like to see maybe more polls and maybe some spotlight feature for a good book you or Ally are looking forward to or maybe a movie or something. Also, maybe some behind the scenes things from past books or an interview with Ally about things we didn’t know. Whatever you do, I’m sure it’ll be fun because this past year has been fun on here, Shellie!
    Xo, Kristi

  10. I think I’d like to see more fan-made things, you know like fanart or edits! So many people love all of these books and it would be great to see what they come up with!

  11. i would like to see more games like the angrams or the crytograms or something lie that

  12. I’d love to see more puzzles and stuff…but I really love the way it is now! =)

  13. I want to see more puzzle and more trivia kind of stuff for/about the books. Also a few more giveaways wouldn’t hurt. ;)

  14. Gillian B. says:

    Dear Shellie, things that I would like to see more of in magnificent Mondays :
    1. Maybe a couple more give aways(only if you are allowed to):)
    2. Tell us more about yourself and Ally,the stuff that you’re up to and the stuff you do together if you hang out.
    Thanks Shellie:)

  15. Liz the McWiz says:

    I would really like to see more interactive puzzles or games. My favorite books series might have ended, but the adventure should continue!

  16. Alexandra S. says:

    Congrats! What I would love to see is maybe a few more challenges, or even a quiz!

  17. Ilona Lessing says:

    I already love the posts. Especially the contests, though it would be great if they would be open international instead of us only. Because now I can never win the cool stuff you give away.

    • i know right! i live in Canada and honestly it should be open to atleast us too. Please shellie! make it happen for us fans up north!

      • They’ve said it before, but unfortunately there are laws that make it seriously difficult to hold international contests. So it’s very rare that people do it. And when they do, half those “international” contests have a winner in their country. Hope this helps explain!
        XO, Kristi

  18. I would love to see more giveaways because they are sooo much fun!!!!!!!

  19. In this upcoming year, I would like to see more giveaways of the first couple of GG books(Love you kill you, Cross my heart, Don’t judge a girl, etc)

    Also, I’d like to have more puzzles to solve.

  20. Sarah Jane says:

    I would like to see some new interaction stuff for us to do. I feel like we do the same ones over and over again and it would be fun to do something new.

  21. I would like to see more ciphers and codes and some Heist Society games, like guessing the location of different items and things like that!

  22. I love reading the Magnificent Monday Posts! I think it would be fun to have more codes and puzzles to solve for fun this upcoming year:)

  23. More contests

  24. I love the Magnificent Monday cryptograms, and seeing quotes from Ally Carter series, or playlists from books written and being written. I’d also love to know which books, YA and adult, you’ve been reading and would recommend. Seeing any of these in future posts would be fantastic.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  25. Hi Ally!!! What I would love to see this year, is you telling us that there is going to be a Gallagher girls movie!!! That would be music to my ears:) I also want to hear when the Embassy row series is coming out! Thanks!

  26. Megan Muessen says:

    I would like to see more fun codes and cryptograms. I love it when you challenge us!

  27. BrianaDixieDog says:

    I want to here more about Embassy Row!!!
    Thanks Shellie:)

  28. Some more excerpts from your new stuff please!! :)

  29. I’d like to see more puzzles. Cryptograms and things like that. Maybe some theif themed ones inspired by Heist Society. I don’t know how you’d do that but it would be pretty awesome. :)

  30. I would like to see more puzzles, more book discussions, and more long contests. I would also like to find out more about the upcoming books that ally is writing.

  31. More contests!!!! Decrypting codes and things like that would be awesome!!!

  32. I always like the language related puzzles. Love foreign languages!

  33. Hey Shellie!
    I like what you do now for the blog but if there was more that I would like to see it would probably be more puzzles/ things to solve and/or more behind-the-scenes looks.

  34. Insights into daily life!

  35. Andy Wilson says:

    I would love to see more giveaways like this one!

  36. More upcoming book excerpts please!

  37. I would love to see Ally interacting with us more through her blogs and maybe asking us what we think if te books and telling us about how she’s doing. I would also love more puzzles to solve for prizes congrats

  38. Some excerpts from Embassy Row and giveaways :)

  39. I would like to see more deciphering puzzles. Those are always so fun!

  40. Lauren Brown says:

    I love trying to figure out the puzzles and cyphers so more of those would be awesome!

  41. LissyLouWho says:

    Oh this is so awesome! I would like to see for prizes an excerpt of Embassy Row! Thanks for doing these every week!!

  42. I would like to see more things about Ally, such as part of her writing process and also quizzes about the characters.

  43. Jasmine Ramirez says:

    This year I would like to see a bigger Gallagher Girls fandom because who wouldn’t want to be a Gallagher Girl? Also, I would love to see progress on the plans for a movie. Like I’m expecting a movie because amazing books deserve a movie. Um, honestly I just want a bigger GG fandom!

  44. I’d like to see more cryptograms and puzzles for us to solve.

  45. I’d just love to see more contests and fun activities. Thanks for having one of the most regularly updated blogs that I read!

  46. Just keep doing what you are doing! I love the giveaways because then I have this itty bitty little glimmer of hope all day that this time I will WIN;) but then I never do… Funny how that works. Anyways have an awesome day off everyone! Thanks and here’s to hoping this time I win!

  47. I would love to see more book excerpts of Ally’s books coming out this year next year (: ! i would also love if Ally could post a list of her highly recommended books! (:

  48. I’d love to see more polls, quizzes, contests, and games!

  49. I think it would be fun to have more segments for writers where you give away individual writing tips!

  50. I love when you give out stuff, like prizes. I always look forward to giveaways.

  51. MitchyGoode says:

    MORE Puzzles and really awesome Updates on Ally’s next project she is working on. (Embassy Row) And maybe just maybe another project?! Love you ally!!

  52. Madison Tate says:

    I would like to see more of giveaways.

  53. I’d like to see more puzzles to do or more contests! :)

  54. I would like to see more cryptograms.

  55. Anything! I do love the giveaways of course ;)
    But it’d be fun if we could do games every Monday.
    I don’t know, just anything!

  56. Cindy Zavaleta says:

    I would like to know more about projects that you might be working on and know more about yourself (i.e. hobbies, things you like or dislike, etc).

  57. I would like to hear more about Embassy Row and contests. ;)

  58. Hmm…for future Magnificent Mondays..I think I would like to see more challenges. But, not the scramble the words..more..trivia? About Gallagher Girls and Heist Society. I think that would be fun! :) There doesn’t even have to be a giveaway with it every week(although giveaways are fun. ;) )

  59. Aiden Rose says:

    I’d like to hear more about what’s going on in your life in addition to news about what you’re writing. :)

  60. More encrypted things to decode! XD

  61. I love the Magnificent Monday blog! More of anything and everything would be great!

  62. I would love to see more fan art or fan art contests

  63. I love the Magnificent Monday as it is, but always, more codes to decipher!

  64. More puzzles :)

  65. This upcoming year I would like to see more giveaways and stories about exciting events about your life or Ally Carter’s on the Magnificent Monday blog.

  66. I would love to see more cryptograms to solve! They’re loads of fun :)

  67. I’d like to see more about your writing process, and more fun sneak peeks to what you’re working on, even if they are torturous :D maybe you could do a riddle or a scavenger hunt for us to figure out the sneak peeks.

  68. I would love giveaways like this one!

  69. I would really enjoy seeing more about your personal life, maybe you can say what has been the highlight of your week and everyone can comment what has been the highlight of their week too. This could be a great way for people to look back and reflect on how awesome their life is!
    Ps: I love all of your books and you are my favorite writer!

  70. I would like to see more giveaways!

  71. What I would like to see in the magnificent Monday posts in this upcoming year is probably just what is coming up in important events or what happened that was AMAZING!!!

  72. I hope to see more puzzles!

  73. I would like to see more or as much insight on Embassy Row as you can get. And more about you.

  74. I would love to see some fan art on the blog this year!

  75. I have been enjoying Magnificent Mondays for a few months and I honestly can’t think of anything! Except maybe more different kinds of puzzles?
    Magnificent Monday has been awesome!

  76. I would love to see more codes to solve please!

  77. circlechaser999 says:

    I love it when you make gg and hs playlists, post ciphers, and give away prizes.
    So I basically love whatever you decide to do!

  78. I would love to see more contests!

  79. I’m definitely looking forward to more giveaways, and hopefully I’ll be able to win one!

  80. Miriam Morgan says:

    You should have shirts for Magnificent Mondays!

  81. I really like the puzzles you give us!

  82. I’d love to see even more puzzles and cryptograms with giveaways. I also love just answering your questions Shellie. It’s always so much fun looking at everyone’s answers!

  83. I’d like to see more ciphers :)

  84. Riley Hoffman says:

    I would like to see more of your writing process this year. I have heard other authors speak and it always helps me with my writing and becoming a better writer and reader. I used to be a really bad reader, but for the last four years I have enjoyed reading for once.

  85. I would love to hear more about how your coming along with your new books!!! I would also love to hear if there is anymore news about the movies. I also really love solving the ciphers so it would be Awesome if you did more of those!!!!

  86. TerryBerry says:

    I would like to see more interactions with the fans and things like that.

  87. Hey Ally/Shellie, I happened to be in my freshman year of high school when the first GG book came out, and since then, it’s almost been as if I grew up with the GGs. What I’d most like to see on Magnificent Monday blogs is the process that Ally’s currently going through as she awaits the upcoming series Embassy Row. “Screenshots” of her life, a random selfie of Ally with a cup of coffee as she types away in front of the computer, anything! How about a quote of the week?

  88. More posts about writing experiences, appearances, tips, favorite books, etc.

  89. Catherine W. says:

    I would love to see more info about Ally Carter’s new series. I know I could probably search about it, but i would rather hear it from you.

  90. I love the diversity of the blogs but I think my favorite things are the puzzles. Solving the ceaser cyphers and cryptograms is really fun and I always feel like a student at Gallagher academy when I find the answers!

  91. Lyz Clarks says:

    I want to see more updates on the progress of the new books coming out soon!!!
    Oh, and quizzes are always fun! You can’t never go wrong with a good quiz.

  92. Personally, I would love to see more sneak peeks into what Ally’s been writing or working on. It would also be super cool to learn more about the characters. Just little hints to things we never knew about them :)

  93. I’d like to see more puzzles! Especially the ones where you have to translate from other languages. :)

  94. Anna Marie says:

    I really like the Ask Ally segments and cryptograms/ceaser cypher puzzles you give us to solve, so more of those would be awesome! I love a good puzzle, and learning about an author/what they write is deff fun

  95. More giveaways

  96. I love deleted scenes, early exerts and decoding missions. :-D

    • Id love to see some extras from the GG series and Embassy Row! Especially with Z. Goode in them (hes my fav). And maybe just updates on things in your guys’ lives. More contest would be awesome too. But really just those Mr. Goode extras ;)

  97. I would enjoy more puzzles, quizzes, and maybe some Embassy Row updates!

  98. Melanie P. says:

    Hello, I would love to see more of the puzzles, like the cryptograms, and stuff because they are quite fun to solve, and they bring back quotes from the book that I love . Thanks .

  99. Makenna Ley says:

    I love Magnificent Mondays already, but I would love to have more ciphers to crack because they are so much fun and a good challenge! :)

  100. Olivia Hudak says:

    I would love to hear more about Embassy Row!! I would also like more contests and quizzes and stuff. :)

  101. I would love to see more contests!!!!!!

  102. Madison1427 says:

    I would like to see more trivia and updates on Ally’s current and future projects.

  103. Naomi Tovar says:

    Ooooo what I would like to see? Well I do like surveys, maybe a quiz of some sort? Like which spy would you be? or How would you pull this heist? Or what if you put a quote from a book in each MM post? :)

  104. Hi!!! This year I would love to see some excerpts from the embassy row book!! I would also love to see more contests and giveaways:) Thank you!

  105. Dragonfly-08 says:

    I would like to see more quizzes and puzzles under the “Fun” tab.

  106. I would love to see funny anecdotes.

  107. Magnificent Mondays have been marvelous! But I would like to see some photos and pictures of the crew. :) These giveaways have been great too, something happy to look forward to during the week. :)

  108. Gabriella says:

    Hi! I would love to see more sneak peek and excerpts on what Ally is working on:)

  109. I would love to see some more of an insight on what Ally does in her magnificent life, inside and outside of being a writer

  110. i would love to see what ally is working on and about the books she has made incoming books all of that :)

  111. Lindsay Will says:

    Excerpts are always nice!

  112. I’d like to see some playlists of songs that fits with Ally’s books. Ally kind of did this a while ago and I’d like to see some more of it. Thanks! And happy one year anniversary!

  113. I would like to see something like a scavenger hunt on the internet and more deciphering codes. sneak peaks on what she is writing on would be great too. I love it when you give away things also. I cant wait to see what you are writing next.

  114. More updates on projects!

  115. I would love to see more puzzles and some book excerpts. The puzzles are fun to try to figure them out and the excerpts really help with buiding anticipation and excitement.

  116. I would love to see more excerpts and more puzzles!!

  117. I would love to see more contests!!!!!!!!

  118. Cassidee Hackley says:

    I would love to see some more cryptograms/puzzles! And maybe some quizzes or surveys ;)

  119. Elizabeth #4 says:

    I would LOVE to see more contests!!

  120. I do not live in the US, so this does not count towards the contest, but I adore cracking the codes, and figuring out the phrases that you put up here!

  121. I would love to see more mini-excerpts and/or deleted scenes.

  122. I’d love to do more puzzles and riddles and stuff!!! I feel like a spy when I do them!! And who doesn’t like to feel like a spy? ;)

  123. Elizabeth S. says:

    I would like to see excerpts from Gallagher Girls and Heist Society that didn’t make it into the book.

  124. I love seeing updates on what Ally’s working on! :)

  125. i would like to see more puzzle,ciphers, and cryptograms

  126. I love the contests but I would like to see more updates on what else is happenning on yours and ally’s lives!

  127. I would really like more contests as well but I really like then cryptograms and I know they are time consuming but I would really like to see more of those…

  128. I would love to see more contests and cool give aways!!!

  129. Kate Prior says:

    I like the cryptograms and when you ask your readers questions, like what movie we watch when we’re sick. I’m weird like that. xD

  130. PavementArtist says:

    I would like to see ore book quotes from Ally’s books! thank you! :)

  131. MidnightWriter says:

    I would like to see more advice for people who want to become writers one day.

  132. I’d love to have more cryptograms! Those are the best!

  133. I would like to see more puzzles and contest!!!!!!:):)

  134. I think more of the codes and ciphers would be awesome! I always feel accomplished when I get them figured out.

  135. I would love to see more contests for sure! They could be about anything! Maybe Gallagher girls/heist society trivia or challenges?

  136. Rebecca.R says:

    i would like to see more recommendations of books you like to read because you can never read too many books! =)

  137. Samantha R. says:

    I would like to see my uncle’s horses. I don’t get to see them much in the winter.

  138. I really liked the book cover sudoku puzzle. I would love to see more puzzles similar to that (puzzles that incorporate elements of the books!) And also the alternate ending to United We Spy!!

  139. I love the contests, but of course there’s nothing like a good sneak peak!

  140. I would love to see more playlists!

  141. More contest and give aways please! Also updates on Embassy Row… or tiny short stories on Gallagher Academy or Heist Society!!!

  142. Congratulations on writing them for a year! That’s really great! I would love to see more about what Ally and you have been up to. I love those posts. Also, MORE CONTESTS (if you can)! :) On the subject of contests, maybe Ally could write a little story about GG or HS, but leave out the ending. Then, we could write how we think it would end, and you and Ally could choose which one you liked the best (or most creative), and that person would win the contest. Maybe even little quizzes like which GG are you, or which boy is best for you (like Zach, Hale, Nick, etc.) Those would be awesome!

  143. I would love to see more experts, news on Embassy Row, quizzes, also news on Heist Society, and I also love the giveaways. All in all I really just love seeing new posts. Keep up the great work! :-)

  144. I would like to see some short stories about cammie and the gang and Also some seek peeks about Embassy Row (:

  145. I really like thous qustions you do on ocaions!!! I would love to do more of thous!

  146. More contests, giveaways, and excerpts.

  147. I would love more caeser cipher’s because they are so much fun to do, and book recomendations. And it would be awesome if we got short stories:) But you do a good job anyway with the things you post, so just keep doing what your’e doing! Thanks”)

  148. More information on embassy row and more puzzles to solve, but I enjoy it already.

  149. I would be absolutely delighted to see more posts that made you decode something or use your brain. Especially to win something. The challenge is fun. I think it would also be amazing if we could see more updates on Embassy Row (eek!). I can’t wait until that is released! Plus anything Gallagher Girl or Heist Society related would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait!

  150. i wanna hear more about cammie kat zach!! hale!!! like deleted scenes and stuff and more puzzles and stories from u and ally

  151. I’d love to see more background information about the Gallagher Girls and the Academy!

  152. I think I would like maybe some background on the Gallagher Girls books- answers to things that aren’t answered in the book- and more advice and things from Ally to writers.

  153. I would like to see sneak peeks of Embassy Row and more solve-the-code contests.

  154. I want to see more “afterwards” in regards to the Gallagher Girls and definitely HEIST SOCIETY!!!!

  155. Sarah Nguyen says:

    It would be totally awesome to have more posts about Embassy Row! I CAN’T WAIT. XD

  156. I really love the puzzles you have, they are a blast to figure out! Also updates on Embassy row and Ally’s are another one of my favorite things.

  157. I would really love to see some more info on Embassy row and maybe some news on the next Heist book since I know it can’t end yet.

  158. I would love to see more posts with information on how Ally thinks her direction for the series has changed. When she was originally writing the first few GG books, did she imagine it ending in a different way? Stuff like that.

  159. Today I start my second semester of sophomore year! Bring on the Blackthorne Boys!!! ;)

  160. I want to see more of the contests and ceaser ciphers!!!!!!! Love ya, Ally!!!!

  161. Sabina G. says:

    I would like to see more puzzles but when we solve a puzzle we get a sneak peak of Embassy Row!
    Oh I don’t need to win because I already have it but I just wanted to add my comment! :D :D :D
    Good luck everyone! :D

  162. I would love to see more playlists to accompany the books. I love listening to the songs you choose and applying them to the story.

  163. Wohoo yay! You are awesome

    • Sorry I didn’t finish my comment before I accidentally posted it… here is the continuation:

      and thank you so much for providing us with these giveaways. I would love to see more deleted scenes, but I understand how they are not viewed as particularly prided parts of an author’s construction. The puzzles are great though :)

  164. I would love sneak peeks of Embassy Row. I liked the contests where you had to find out who painted a famous painting or where it was located at.

  165. I would like to see more contests!!!!

  166. I would love to see some question posts (like the snowy day one) :D

  167. I’d like to see more giveaways! The contests are great too.

  168. Oh my God! It would be just the vest thing that could happen if I could win. Well, I would love to see more details about what gave you the inspiration which was necessary for you to write GALLAGHER GIRLS. I am really interested and I would love winning the signed book and the notebook but the informantion, too. Thank you prevently!

  169. i would like to see more cool word puzzles and it would be so cool if you could just right cool undrafted zach and cammie or hale at kat moments or just random moments in the future for any of your characters to give to shellie to post every once and awhile. it would be so cool to see those characters come to life again!!!

  170. Deja Monet says:

    I’m ready to see more merch, a possible show or movie from one of your book series, and the next book in Heist Society since the GA series has been completed. :)

  171. Happy Aniversity!!! I started reading the Gallagher girls in January Last Year!
    The things I would like are more contests! Also I would like to see behind the scenes and extras of your books! Also what you and Ally are up to. I also would like to here that a GALLAGHER GIRL movie is going to happen! I know some people may not want a GG movie. I do!!!!!! They cant really delete anything. I think it wuld be the best movie series in the world!!!

  172. I just started reading the Gallagher girl books and they are amazing!!!!!!! Thank you so much for writing them! I’m so glad there is 6!!! Thanks again!!!!!!

    -SES :-)

  173. Oh I have one more question! Does Zach and Cammie stay together????? I need to know! Haha ;-)

  174. Cheataheart says:

    I have 2 questions to ask you :
    1.Do Cammie and Zach stay a couple?
    2.Are you going to make another Heist Society/Gallagher Girls short story crossover?

    • I would like to see more new books…;-)

      I love all your books. I finished the Gallagher girls and am on the 1st heist society. They are AMAZING!!!! :-D

      Thank you for your work!


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