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Gallagher Girls optioned by Hollywood producers Tonik

Hi everyone,

Coming to you very quickly this morning with some news that I know a lot of you are going to be salivating over…


Yes. A few months ago my agent got an offer out of the blue from a new production company called Tonik. Now, even though Tonik is new, the women behind it, Nikki Silver and Tonya Lewis Lee, have been bringing YA and children’s books to the screen for a long time, and they have recently decided to join forces.

They have just finished filming a TV movie for WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM and they are hard at work getting ready to roll cameras on THE GIVER (starring Jeff Bridges) in South Africa this fall.

Things are happening at Tonik, in other words. And Nikki and Tonya are convinced they can make things happen for the Gallagher Girls! (And I’m going to let them!)

Now…time for the usual caveats:

-we do not have a script yet.

-we are not casting any roles.

-there probably will NEVER be open auditions (those are incredibly rare and I just highly doubt it ever happens. I’m sorry. But it might be time to adjust everybody’s expectations down to the setting of “realistic”.)

-I, personally, will likely have zero say in who gets cast (if we ever get that far)

-and, finally, we are still a loooooooooooong, loooooooooooooong way from having a movie. So, deep breaths, everyone. Be cool, sodapop.

To put this news in perspective: it is awesome! But it is the sixth time that I’ve had a book set up somewhere in Hollywood. So far, none of those have ever gotten past the script development stage.

Will this one (and the new Heist Society option set up at Lionsgate with team behind Pitch Perfect producing) be any different? Boy, I hope so. But only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m just pleased to be working with very smart, savvy people and hoping for the best.







  1. This post was ages ago T^T

    I am seriously considering taking up a career in directing and making the movie myself, because damn, at this point, I know I’m not the only one dying of the wait (come on people, admit it!)

    These books are the best I’ve ever read, I’ve fallen completely in love with them! And although I would be extremely excited for a film; I doubt they could ever reach the standards of the actual books (no offense to the film companies, i love you all :3)

    Ally, you are bloody amazing. I’m sure you get told this a heck of a lot (being the author of not only the Gallagher Girl series, but also the Heist Society books), but in case you forgot how awesome you are for a second, I just reminded you.

  2. I have to say this I have been feeling so happy recently becauuse i have been having dreams of acting in gallagher girls or divergent. PLEASE if there are any open auditions tell me it will make my life complete and I will work so hard and I don’t care if I die working. So please Ally I AM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I haven’t been able to talk for over 13hours 24mins and 27-48 seconds.

  4. I swear by the time these books will be made into a movie I’ll be over 20!
    I’m dying here! I swear I’m gonna became a movie producer just to bring the book to the big screens!

  5. I believe that the books, being as amazing as they are, would make great movies and bring a lot of press for the books. We should still be fighting for the movie even though this post was from a while back. There is always the chance that if a fan base is devoted enough, a movie could happen, just look at community.

  6. Hi ally carter I totally love the Gallagher girl actually way more than the Harry potter books well awesome in different ways but well cant wait for the movies I have been waiting for a year ya when I was 9 now iam ten cant wait for the movies

  7. Hey ally just found the perfect cast cammie should be shaliene woodley Macy should ce Lucy hale and Liz can be Sierra carpenter or Peyton list and well that’s all I have so far

  8. Hey ally just found the perfect cast cammie should be shaliene woodley Macy should ce Lucy hale and Liz can be Sierra carpenter or Peyton list and well that’s all I have so far thanks also please hurry up with the movies I just turned 11 so bin waiting for 3 years Claire

  9. hi I have a question about the Gallagher girls series…im doing a project on your first book and im making an animoto. So about the cover of all your Gallagher Girls series books can you ask the person who designed the covers for the names of the models?? Since the models look like how I imagine Cammie but I cant find any picture of Cammie online..

    Thanks for your help.

    PS email me for the answer and once replied delete this comment.

  10. i would love to be Cammie i have brown hair medium lenght and i have always wanted to be in a movie i am also just about the right age i am turning 12 in 2 months

  11. Lola (a.k.a - Gallagher girl ) says:

    I have been fantasising about being cammie for, let’s just say, a VERY long time! I really want to audition! Please could someone advise me on how to follow this path to my dream!!!!!!!

    Lola x

  12. Lola (a.k.a - Gallagher girl ) says:

    I am 12 years old, I have short/medium blonde hair slightly wavy hair! Please help me audition!

    Lola x

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