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Magnificent Monday Excerpt! - Ally Carter

Magnificent Monday Excerpt!

Hi All!

I had a crazy week last week and didn’t get your questions to Ally until yesterday so…..I won’t have answers until later this week!

But to make it up to you I am going to give you an excerpt from United We Spy!

It was dark when the jet finally landed. I’m sure I must have slept on the long ride over the Atlantic, but I didn’t really remember. I just stared out the window: watching, thinking, waiting for something, but what, I didn’t know.

On the tarmac, Agent Townsend whispered something to Abby, then squeezed her hand and kissed her softly when he didn’t think we were watching. But we’re Gallagher Girls. To tell you the truth, we are always watching.

Abby let him go, her eyes a little misty. And I couldn’t help myselfI thought about Zach. He was out in the world somewhere. And a part of me worried that I might never see him again.

Love you guys ; )

I will have answers later this week so check back!

Have a good week!



P.S. I think it would be fun if you guys would send in pictures of your Ally books in fun & interesting places (the beach, farm, Eiffel Tower, etc.). I will do special postings of the pictures here and on Ally’s Tumblr page. Send pics to allycartercontest@gmail.com !!!!


  1. Seriously people … Townsend and Abby are (finally) together and all you care about is Zach possi ly being in danger? Honestly – PRIORITIES

  2. Oh my good lord, this is almost worse. Now my active imagination can torture me about all the different possibilities. Zach could be part of the circle of cavan, trying to protect Cammie, kidnapped, MIA like Mathew Morgan-which would completely destroy Cammie-and are Abby and Townsend going to last, there are so many things that could destroy that relationship. Oh, and why are Abby’s eyes misty, I’m pretty sure Townsend’s kiss isn’t THAT good. BTW how and when did Abby and Townsend get together, I know they were less hostile towards each other in ‘Out of Sight out of Time’ but they weren’t overly friendly either. What about Zach’s mom, does Joe actually wake up, does he have any information on the Circle? Ugh, so many questions! 😉

  3. Alexandra V. says:

    I just died right now!! It’s your fault, Shellie & Ally!! Now I can’t read United We Spy because I’ll be buried next to Matthew Morgan!!!
    AAAAAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAH THEY KISSED!!! TOWNSEND AND ABBY SITTING IN A …..Plane? K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes arguing then comes love, then comes Abby with the nuclear weapons…

  4. WHAT?? Where is ZACH!!! :(((

  5. Bookworm917 says:

    Omg!!!! If something happens to zach i am gonna cry so much!!!
    Im actually doing that right now!!!;;;;(
    But still thanks!!

  6. Sara Williams says:

    Can you plz do me a BIG favor?
    it is my best friends bday soon and she means a lot to me. can you write a letter to her wishing her a happy birthday the 26th of july i know it is early but i wanted to ask u now so if u cant i have time to find another present
    thanks so much

    P.S. just so u know i live in australia and my friends name is Alex
    thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. When did Abby and Townsend get together? O.o Also, I have a theory on where Zach is. I think he was kidnapped by his mom, or someone from the Circle to draw Cammie out of the GA, or he ran away in the night because he figured something out having to do with the Circle, went to follow up on it and didn’t want to worry Cammie. or something of that nature

  8. Why am I starting to think now that either Abby or Townsend is going to die?!?! Ugh well at least they’re together

  9. Cool excerpt! (Can’t wait for United We Spy!!)

    Anyway… I love your idea of sending photos of GG or HS books with some cool background. I’m going to Athens in August, so I will take and send photos then!


  11. Yes! Abby and Townsend! Honestly, Townsend is my favorite character, but that could be because I always picture him as Benedict Cumberbatch for some reason. Seriously though, he’s like the total embodiment of that character.

  12. Thanks Shellie and Ally! Can’t wait for GG6, but now I’m worried about Zach, hopefully all those times that Ally talked about killing off GG characters she was either joking or not talking about somebody whose name starts with a Z (or a C, L, B, M, R, A, T, J, P, D, S, or any I may have forgotten for that matter.) I’m sure she just likes making us sweat (like with hs3 and a certain Great Uncle…..)……

  13. Oh and love the idea of taking pics of the books in cool places! Too bad I just got back from vacation! Oh well, still can’t wait to find cool backgrounds for the books to have been at!

  14. 2muchinfo says:

    OMG!!!!!!! What happend to Abby & Townsend???? I thought they hated eachother? Wheres Zach?

  15. Thanks again, but is there ever going to be a United We Spy countdown?

  16. Hayley G. says:

    OMGIZZLE. APROVED-Abby and Townsend (liking the nickname tabby).
    But where in the back of he world is my Zachary!!!!!! Oh gosh I think I might die. Never ever thought I would say this but please can summer be over and it be September all ready!!! Oh gosh I’m freaking out. I wonder where they were flying to??? I love you Ally and Shellie.

  17. That would be awesome! What if there was a cout down and we had to do something each day spy related or something in the books? Anyone else want to do something like this? Shellie what do you think it could be just a week thing to.

  18. Oh good lord I think I have just fainted. okay. Now I am alright but still freaking out. This expert has everyone Fangirling. Well done agent Shellie and carter.

  19. You just killed my feels. :-/ Youch. I can’t wait for United We Spy to come out!

  20. SHELLIE!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I mean, I love you for giving that to us, but right now I also sorta hate you! 🙂 not in a bad way… BUT I CANT WAIT! WHERES ZACH? IS JOSH GOING TO BE IN THIS BOOK? WHATS WITH TOWNSEND AND ABBY??? WHAT ABOUT JOE??? I wander if he’ll be disappointed….. hehehe but that’s not the point!! I cant wait until September!!!! oh my gosh why does It have to be all the way in September? ohhhhh……..shellie why do you only give us that much to read?? its horrible.., not enough to read… I cant wait though, ally. youre the BEST AUTHOR EVER! thanks for everything!!

  21. Team Zach! says:

    I think i speak for everyone when i say…PLEASE DONT KILL OFF ZACH AND/OR BREAKUP ZAMMIE BECAUSE THEN WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD AND SAD AND THAT WOULD KILL THE AWESOMENESS OF UNITED WE SPY! Is it posssible to have an anxiety attack for 3 months?

  22. Wait I’m SO STOKED FOR THIS BOOK!!!! Love Cammie and Zach together so much!!!! But…wait………did anyone else want Abby to be with Joe? I love Pride and Prejudice and the whole Darcy thing buuuuuut Townsend is far and away my least favorite good guy character…….I love Abby and I REALLY don’t like Townsend! Am I alone in this??? Nevertheless I trust Ally and I’m sure it’ll all make sense in the end! SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK.

  23. I always liked Abby and Joe, not Abby and Townsend, but I think that they are both stubborn enough to make it work.

  24. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abby and Townsend, never saw that coming, expected Joe and Abby but never Abby and Townsend. Totally in shock but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of had a feeling that there would be Rachel and Joe though from what we’ve read throughout the books…and what about Zach!!!! Where is he????????? Oh Gosh I am praying he doesn’t die or anything because that would break my heart 🙁 totally Zammie fan 😀 Hope Zach comes to help eventually… Can’t wait to get the book 😀

  25. I have been waiting for this book since GG5. I wonder where Zach is. Ohhhhh I hope he doesn’t die. that would be the worst.

  26. valeriegalgirl says:


  27. Yes. Townsend and Abby. Yes.

  28. I’m all excited about Townsend and Abby getting together and all, but WHERE’S ZACHARY GOODE? Cammie and his relationship is almost as awesome as Max and Fang’s from Maximum Ride… HELP ME! IF ZACH IS HURT OR IN TROUBLE< I'LL THROW A TISSY FIT!

  29. Agent Smore says:

    Omg where’s Zach???!!! And when did Abby/Townsend happen??!! Agh!!! I can’t take this anymore!!! Just release the book already!!!!!!

  30. I have a feeling this teaser is from VERY EARLY in the story (like chapter 2 or so). The plane landing probably means that we’re just warming up in the search for the rest of Cammie’s dad’s story, etc. Somehow, someway, when you least expect him, Zach will suddenly pop up almost out of nowhere (like in the next chapter)…I’m sure that he’s far from dead at this point in the book…. So don’t fret, boys and girls– just CHILL! (And NO– I have NO connections to Ally Carter other than being one of her many Facebook friends, so don’t think I am a Blackthorne type spy….)

  31. No!!!!!! My boyfriend can’t be dead!!!!! Or gone forever!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I am literally dying right now

  32. I find it amusing that I’m more upset about Townsend and Abby kissing then a supposed “missing” Zach. (I’m pretty sure this series is labeled romance, so Zach, the love interest, won’t be dying. Authors rarely kill off main characters).

    My Joe/Abby ship, which I thought was canon when they kissed in DJGHC, is probably (I still hope that they will be end game but…orz) sunk right in front of me…by an EXCERPT!?

    -Despairing (ship feels)

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