A Double-Crossed mini excerpt!

Because I’m in the mood…

A Double-Crossed mini-excerpt! Look for the FULL thing in about a month!


Quietly, Macey went through her options. Even though the masked men were asking for cell phones, the gunmen were making so much noise that she was sure someone had already called 911. The obvious exits were blocked, and the elevators had no doubt been disabled. The men moved with confidence and order, but they weren’t trying to be quiet. There was nothing covert at all about this operation.

Unlike the boy beside her.


Double-Crossed: A Spies and Thieves story, available for FREE on January 22, 2013.




  1. Directioner says:

    i want morreeeeeee its so gooooood i love u ally

  2. Only a question: is it going to be in bookshops or will it be only on web?

  3. I agree. I personally want the hard cover, but that’s just me. I’m new though. I wish the 3rd book of Heist Society would hurry up and come out. I just finished the 2nd book.

  4. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER ALLY!!! I can’t wait for Double Crossed!! I wish January would hurry up and get here!!

  5. i love HS and GG and they are going to be awesome together. 😀

  6. OMG!
    eu sou uma fã brasileira do seu trabalho ally e eu quase surtei quando vi uma historia de HS e GG *-*
    você alegrou totalmente meu fim de ano.
    muito, muito obrigada por essa historia!

  7. OMG my sister and I LOVE your books!!!!! We were LITERALLY jumping up and down when we heard the news!!!!! Thank you soooo much! :)

  8. If you do make more novellas too make it like a novella series, would we be aloud to make a fun movie out of them, to view with other Ally Carter fans?

  9. wow:) I knew we were going get to their two worlds cross over . thank you so much ally . you’ve managed to keep me loving this series for a very long time. please never stop writing . maybe some day when this story makes it to the big screen ill be apart of the surreal story .And believe me when I say this is nothing less then a surreal , original story :)

  10. circlechaser999 says:


  11. Oh MY God..Oh My God…OH MY GOD!!!!
    I feel like I’ve died and gone to HEAVEN! Is this for real?? Yeas it IS…Yipppiiieeee

  12. diamondmonica says:

    YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! Gallagher Girls: epic Heist Society: epic Both combined: epic squared

  13. diamondmonica says:


  14. aaaaagghhhhh!!! I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER… I feel as though I am about to faint.


  16. EmmyJoShoe says:

    AAAAAAAAAAGGHGHGFJKNBIFCHHFHFJEKJD F YESSSSSSSSSS OH MY WORD CAN’T WAIT *jumps up and down squealing* Honestly, Ally, you’re definitely my role model. I started seriously putting pen to paper after reading your books(seems so long ago now that I think about it…nostalgia…*wipes tear*), and that’s a great thing! It’s when I finally discovered my love for writing.

  17. OMG! I can’t wait for this to come out! It’s going to be amazing!

  18. Yay! I’m so excited!!

  19. British Bombshell says:

    I can’t wait for Tuesday! All Gallagher Girls fans should check out ‘gallaghergirls,com’, it’s a website, that once you sign up to it, you can read some short stories about Liz, Bex, Macey and Zach Goode when Cammie runs away! They’re only little things but great extras for fans! Thank you so much Ally Carter!

  20. Brenna: Whezzy says:

    Will you ever write another mixed book??? Cause i read this one in one day and LOVED it!!! Please write another like this!!! And will the Gallagher girl series go on??? Cause i need to know how Cammie is doing!!!

  21. I love how double crossed has the characters from both your book. When I read I had just finished the GG series and wanted to know what this book was like but instead I got a very awesome before understanding of heist society. Will there be anymore of this the were TOTALY AWSOME

  22. When are you going to publish double crossed? By the way you can’t leave me hanging at the end of United We Spy please tell me if Zach and Cammie get married if Jonas and Liz get married if Bex and Grant get married and if Preston and Macey get married. I need to know what happens after graduation.

    P.S. I am a huge fan I have read all the GG series and they are amazing!!!!!!!

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