Perfect Scoundrels: a Heist Society novel…

I hope you’ve all seen it by now (with many thanks to MTV’s Hollywood Crush for breaking the news!), but just in case you haven’t…




Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale the fifth were born to lead completely different lives: Kat comes from a long, proud line of loveable criminal masterminds, while Hale is the scion of one of the most seemingly perfect dynasties in the world. If their families have one thing in common, it’s that they both know how to stay under the radar while getting—or stealing—whatever they want.

No matter the risk, the Bishops can always be counted on, but in Hale’s family, all bets are off when money is on the line. When Hale unexpectedly inherits his grandmother’s billion dollar corporation, he quickly learns that there’s no place for Kat and their old heists in his new role. But Kat won’t let him go that easily, especially after she gets tipped off that his grandmother’s will might have been altered in an elaborate con to steal the company’s fortune. So instead of being the heir—this time, Hale might be the mark.

Forced to keep a level head as she and her crew fight for one of their own, Kat comes up with an ambitious and far-reaching plan that only the Bishop family would dare attempt. To pull it off, Kat is prepared to do the impossible, but first, she has to decide if she’s willing to save her boyfriend’s company if it means losing the boy.


Perfect Scoundrels…

In stores in the US & Canada February 5, 2013

So what do you say, guys?  Are you excited?  Because, dude, I am EXCITED.



  1. Zach is so Goode says:

    can’t wait
    *cue the screaming girls*

  2. Zach is so Goode says:

    another thought
    Does this mean GG6 will be written soon


    This day couldn’t of gotten any better:)

    • I agree COMPLETELY! But has Ally finished working on this one yet?

    • Jasmine says:

      Well she’s probably still finishing up Perfect Scoundrels but since it’s coming out in February, GG6 could come out in…11 months maybe? Because OSOT (GG5) came out in March and this comes out in February so that’s an 11 month difference. About a year it usually takes ;/ altho maybe quicker if Ally knows what she’s gonna do with it! I think it’ll have them going to save Preston, ending the Circle once and for all, near death, lots of ZAMMIE, and graduating and them going their seperate ways (Cammie and Zach CIA, Bex M16, etc). Ya sorry that’s long but ya I’m kinda obsessed ;)
      P.S. btw love your name! ZACH IS DA BOMB!!

      • Mmm…I don’t like the end of that:( And Liz would be at a desk job in maybe CIA, but where will Macey go? And what about the FBI??
        p.s. Thanks(: And I definitly agree about Zach…;p!

      • ANGUSburger says:

        I don’t agree with the Preston thing. I don’t think that he will be the one to save the circle I think that he is already in the circle. I think that he will put on an act until the end and then they will find out that he really is already part of the circle. thats just my impression though……. :)

      • I was thinking maybe josh would end up being in the circle all along! i mean that would be so weird, it would explain why he could always see her when she’s supposed to go all chameleon…but then josh is cool so i dunno :P if he is, its okay though cos she still has Zach!! :D

      • GG6 come out sometime in September I think. i’m soooo exited

    • i hope so!

  3. Lol, thats funny how ally said dude.
    I really love the cover, its really pretty. I have a question: is the girl on this cover the same as the girl from the other two?

  4. shannon says:


  5. Can’t can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Madeline says:

    love the cover and stroyline!!!
    Good job Ally.
    BTW when are you going to tell us what is your secret work that you have been doing.
    come on tell us, or a hint….
    Can’t wait for the book!!!

  7. do you plan on writing a sixth gallagher girls?!? i NEED to know. i luv ur books!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Love the Cover, its different and I think it goes along with the role she’s going to be playing. :) first coment:)

  10. I say it is even better than I ever imagined!!! And I can’t wait to read it!!!!!

  11. Gillian S. says:


  12. I_luv_hale&zach!! says:

    i cant wait until the book comes out!! seriously im counting down the days!!
    just pls tell us this ally: are there any good parts inbetween kat and hale?? pls say there r!!
    cant wait !!!!1

  13. I hope the date comes fast! :)

    Ally, is that Hale in the glasses lense???!!!????!!!

  15. I am so excited! This is wonderful! I am looking forward to this so much! :)

  16. Emily Ann says:

    I really wish I could read it today!

  17. Awesome!!! I can’t wait!!!

  18. Kristen says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m soooooooooooooooo excited! This book sounds amazing!!!! i’m PSYCHED!

  19. Ok did anyone ever tell you that you are the most amazing author in the world!!! I am the only one here in Libya that has your books and my friends come to borrow them from me all the time or when I am done reading them I translate them in arabic for them!!! They LOVE your books and are always rushing me to finish them so I can tell them what happened to Julia&Lance, Cammie&Zach or Kat&Hale in the story!!!! Your books always make me smile and make me get threw some hard times!! I have read them so many times and will continue to read them more!! Thank you for choosing to be an author!! You make it look easy and fun when really it may be fun at sometimes I know it takes a lot of time and hardwork!! I really hope then one day I can write something as amazing as you!! Thank you from all Gallagher Girls, Blackthorne Boys and Thieves here in Tripoli, Libya!! We really appreciate all the time you have spent on your amazing books which we love and can’t wait to read more of your amazing books soon!!!! <3 <3

  20. Okay I haven’t read these books but i have to now!!! One because they are written by u two they sound so good and three I need good books to read while I am waiting for GG6!!! Ally I love u!!!

  21. sorryzachhalestolemyheart says:

    OMG! Only 222 more days to go! I’m going to die!

  22. Am I excited? You might as well ask if grass is green, or if Gale is better than Peeta, because the obvious answer is YES (my apologies to all Gallagher Girls who are Team Peeta)!! I’m so excited for you, Ally! Congratulations on the title release! :)

    • Meh.

      Peeta is obviously superior. No competition.

    • Adrianna says:

      Sorry! I have to agree to disagree! Team Gale! :D

    • They both have their marrets, but I have to say…Petta is my personal favorite, I mean he didn’t abandon her in the end!!


      I’m definitely on team GALE!!!

      • OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i was like dying for the day you would announce the 3rd Heist Society book and its finally here!!!!!

        PS. It doesn’t really matter that Gale left because we all know that she would have chosen Peeta! I for one, feel sorry for Gale. Team Gale all the way!!!! <3<3<3

      • I am sort of mutual…I like both Peeta and Gale, but I think Katniss should be with Peeta. She says that she needs Peeta because he doesn’t have that “fire” like Gale, and although Gale and Katniss were pretty cute together, I can always remember that Gale will always be Katniss’ best friend. :)

    • No….the obvious answer is your insane cuz peeta is better:) Gale blew up her sister and then skipped town!!

  23. I am literally SREAMING and JUMPING AROUND THE ROOM right now…I must look insane…BUT I DON’T CARE CAUSE NEW HS=HAPPY COLLEEN <3  EEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like the best yet and the key word I picked up in this was BOYFRIEND! #shirtlesshaleisontheway #hs3 #iloveyouallycarter #bestbookever #whyamisocrazy #whatswrongwithme #ishouldstoptypingnow #ihavetoomuchenergy #thisisnotnatural

    • Arianna says:

      OMG BOYFRIEND WAS THE WORD THAT MOSTLY POPPED OUT TO ME TOO.Finally Ally has put in some HaleXKat action.
      Also another comment I saw WE GET TO SEE HALE’S FAMILY. OMG THE MYSTERIOUS HALE’S WILL FINALLY BE REVEALED, LITERALLY I SAW THIS COMMENT AND STARTED SHAKING MY LAPTOP. Also is there any chance we’ll figure out what his real name is. Omg when this ends HS over then GG will end with one more.WHAT WILL WE DOOOOOO

    • Jasmine says:

      OMG yes I saw the “boyfriend” put in there and OMG I TOTALLY forgot about the shirtless Hale thing OMG YES THE WORLD IS GOOD AGAIN AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! #shirtlesshaleisontheway

    • Once GG AND HS end then I won’t know what to do with my life… And Ally keeps doing this to us! First she finally confirms the Zammie thing and now Hale & Kat! The use of the word boyfriend is driving us nuts!!!

      P.S. Does Colleen PAYNE have anything to do with One Direction’s Liam Payne or am I just an overly passionate Directioner??? ;)

  24. I’m confused about when Hale became her boyfriend?

    • PavementArtist says:

      at the end of the second book i think it was official when she took his hand and said they were going to get through it together or something like that

  25. Yeah! I am soooooooooooooooooooooo excited! Ah!!! Cannot wait ’till Feburary (Sorry about my spelling)

    Love ya Ally!

  26. Okay I am so excited! So so so excited! And you know what makes me super excited is this line right here: To pull it off, Kat is prepared to do the impossible, but first, she has to decide if she’s willing to save her boyfriend’s company. Do you see that it says BOYFRIEND! Hale is her boyfriend! Finally! So happy right bow it is just insane. I can’t wait until February!


  27. Georgianna says:

    If you kill of Hale I think I will stop reading the series! Because it wouldn’t be worth it. :( But since I love your books Ally I will read it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Is that Hale in her sunglasses?!

  29. Omg!!! I can’t wait. It seems so far away, though! Is this the last Heist novel?

    • I really REALLY hope not!!!!!! Yayyyyy! Finally Hale is her BOYFRIEND, although – it kinda sounded like she may lose Hale!!!!!!!! :’( think that would be a massive mistake! :/

  30. I am so excited!!! It looks so good!!!

  31. O.M.G I saw it yesterday and I totally freaked out. I was (and am) so super excited but I will cry my heart out if Kat says goodbye to hale. I mean really that would dim my day but I cant wait for February 5th! :D

  32. Skyelerr says:

    OMG am so psyched!!!!!!!!!! Heist Society!!! is by far my favorite book series!!!!!!!!!! And I have never been the first comment before!!!!!!! Sorry. It’s the little (and big things) that make me happy!!!:)

  33. Heck YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  34. Yay! I can’t wait! 8 months, that’s a long time. Will we be able to read the first chapter sometime soon? I hope so!

  35. OMG! I am so excited to read this book. The cover and premise looks amazing! :)

  36. Oh my goodness. The cover is amazing! I totally love it AND the title! It’s perfect! ;)
    I’m even more excited now.

  37. Yes! Very excited! (Even though I can’t get Heist 2 in the UK :()

    • I know, I’m trying to get it from my local library, and it doesn’t come in for FOUR WEEKS!!!!! I’m reading HS to my kid brothers, and they LOVE them (especially Gabrielle :/) but I am like DYING because I know a few things that happen, and can’t wait to read it!!!!!!

  38. OF COURSE we’re excited! Why does it have to be so far away?? And the cover looks amazing!

  39. IT LOOKSS SOOOO GOOOD! can’t waittt!!! GREAT JOB ALLY! :D

  40. OMG cant wait! This year better go quickly! Also if Ally finished Heist Society 3, then she will be able to start GG6! Awesomeness!!!!!

  41. OMG! I like spazzed out when I saw it referred to Hale as Kat’s boyfriend. SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!

  42. Caroline says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

    When it said Hale was Kat’s boyfriend, I made a noise that sounded like this:


    (Like a squeal)

    Is that supposed to be Hale in the sunglasses?

  43. Are you going to write more Hiest Books after this?
    I hope you do I’m your #1 fan and I’ve read all your books. They are so intresting and suspensful! I hope you write more G.G. boks and The Hiest Sosciety books in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Yay!!!! February cannot come soon enough!!!!

  45. Anna (Bookworm) says:

    (= Just (=. I’m too busy smiling to say anything else.

  46. KatLurvsHale! says:

    OMG So excited! I can’t wait! I love your books ally!!!! :)


  48. ally cat says:

    Did anyone else catch the boyfriend part… finally!!!

  49. Alexa B says:

    OMG! I am sooooo excited and yes that is hale on the glasses! I am so happy that kat and hale are finally together!
    Grrr! I just wish feb.5th wasn’t so far away!


  51. Yea, he wasn’t her BF in the last book was he? Or did I just miss that MAJOR point? I’m going to re-read them for the 3rd time 2 see if i missed anyhthing else! They’re so good I read them so fast and I miss stuff and have to re-read… although they’re so good I don’t mind…:)

  52. This sounds like it is going to be AMAZING!!!!!! I can’t wait to read this book!!!!!!

  53. Kylie J says:

    OH MY GOODNESS I CAN NOT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::))) thank you ally carter for being such a good writer, i love your books sooo much i cant wait for GG6 Now:)
    Good luck writing the book ally:)

  54. I think my excitement has already been fully expressed in the previous comments :)
    i linked to the article on my friends’ facebook walls bc last time i didn’t tell them about one of your books until about two months before it came out and they got mad at me bc i already knew haha. but now we all know and are super excited and will probably be a pain to whoever buys it first until she finally finishes it or we give up and buy our own copy lol. but that’s awhile away still! ahhh. february!!!

  55. I am so excited, I honestly can’t even wait! I just want the book to come out tomorrow because it’s been so long since the last one (it feels like it, anyway) and it sounds amazing! You are seriously my idol, Ally. You make my day so much better & thinking about little things like a good book being released and reading updates on twitter & here about your everyday life makes me feel so much better, especially since I’m in the midst of overcoming my depression. So, THANK YOU! THANK YOU for writing these books which have inspired me so much, you are truly making a huge difference in my life.

  56. I want to read now!

    (Ally, you are the best!)

  57. I really really really hope that Hale doesn’t ditch Kat because they make a great couple. Hale better not die either. Can’t wait for the book to come out.

  58. Is that Hale in the sunglasses*swoon*! I love the cover
    By the way and the title good choice! I already have a
    countdown set up for the release date and it’s on my IPod
    Calendar! I can’t wait to pre order this and get it in my hands!

  59. If hale is in the cover (well in Kat glasses) I hope zach is in gg6 cover (well all of cammie crew)

  60. I can’t wait for this to come out. It sounds really good. The only thing I have against this cover is that the guy is not how I imagined Hale would look. I know its not a clear picture but he looks like he’s in his 20s and in Gossip Girl, not a teenager. I imagined Hale much cuter than that. :P

  61. dude really?

  62. Alexa b says:

    Ok so after they switched the signs on the emeralds and kat kissed hale and then they left (him with his arm around her) I’m gonna say yes they could have been dating and officially bf and gf in the time inbetween books. YAY!!!

  63. Bianca G says:

    Omg Ally! I am sososososo excited to read perfect scoundrels! It seems so exhilerating and I’m dying to have it my palms right now! I’ve already marked February Dth on my calendar! Can’t wait! :D
    ~Love Your #1 Fan,
    Bianca G.

  64. Yes Gale is most defiantly better! And I so can not wait until the book comes out! I love the cover and name!

  65. Killian says:

    Hold the phone….does that say “boyfriend”???? Does this mean KAT AND HALE WILL FINALLY START DATING?!?!?! I’m now even more excited. I didn’t think that was possible! CAN’T WAIT!

  66. Kirsten says:

    Oh my gosh! I love this cover! I haven’t read your first two books (YET!) They are sitting at my house but I can’t wait. I love Gallagher Girls and hope this series is just as good!

  67. I love it!!! I can’t wait for the book comes out. I always can’t wait till the next book comes out! Love them all. Thank you so much for writing.

  68. I am soooooo Excited. Its so far away though and then it takes even longer to come out in Australia.

  69. Awesome can’t wait for the book to be here and to hear more about gg6 but still congratulations On finishing the book you should comu to Eugene Oregon and do a book signing that would be awesome

  70. I don’t think the girl on the cover is the same one from the first 2 she has a different shaped face

  71. Wow I havnt even read the siries yet and I want to read it like this instant with how good that sounds

  72. THe cover is amazing or should i say ‘ perfect’ ? :) the book sounds perfect, but just to make it clear, who else loves the part that says ‘ she has to decide if she is willing to save HER BOYFRIEND’S company……’
    so ( my guess ) in the book, they are an official couple!!!!!
    ( just a thought if u try to merge hale and kat’s names you would get kale or hat lol :) )

  73. omg I can NOT wait till perfect scoundrels come out! So Kat and Hale are dating now,are they?!?! Either way Kat can not lose Hale! Ahhhhhhh eeeeppp I am so excited

  74. katcammie17 says:

    ‘To pull it off, Kat is prepared to do the impossible, but first, she has to decide if she’s willing to save her boyfriend’s company if it means losing the boy.” Did I see the word ‘boyfriend?!?!’

  75. Alexa b says:

    Omg they totally need a couple name personally I like kale best but what do u guys think?

    • Their names don’t go together well. They have either Kale (a vegetable) or Hat (an acessory that goes on top of your head. Neither of which are good choices

  76. PavementArtist says:

    OMG!!!!!!! SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED!!! Love all of Ally’s books and Im sure this one will be even better than the last! They always are!

  77. Alexa B says:

    Yay I’m so happy that it is coming out in Canada at the same time as in the states. Sometimes it takes weeks after the date the author gives you. which really sucks for my friends and I. Also the guy on the glasses is hale, I’m totally team Gale untill the end of the last book, someone needs to clarify a couple name for kat and hale(I like kale (given the options)), and they were official sometime in between books 2 and 3 but it started (at least out in the open at the end of the 2nd book.

  78. YAY! BOYFRIEND?!?!?! SO EXCITED!!!! :) Oh and theres this Instagram for you and your books Ally! Check it out its pretty cool! Its @heistsociety_gallaghergirl
    Ahhhhhh cant wait for the 3rd book!!!!!!!! :)

  79. This may be dumb but whats Team Gale and Team Peeta?

  80. This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Gallagher Girl 21 says:


    • Do you know what Team Gale and Team Peeta?its probably a dumb thing to ask but idk what it is can u tell me tell me?or someone tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Oh you know twilight, team Edward team jacob!
    Well gale and peeta are from the hunger games so team gale and team peeta!
    I am a team peeta! You should watch the hunger games it’s really really great movie!!!!
    Anyway back too heist society can’t wait!!!

  83. Sooo excited!!! The cover looks great! SHE CAN’T LOSE HALE!! Can’t wait to read it!!

  84. Holy SNAP-CRACKLE?!?!?!! Hale’s considered her “boyfriend” now?!?! haha WOW

  85. OMG! I’m sooooooo excited! I remember when you told us on Twitter that it SHOULD be named the one with a lot of kissing. :D :D ( I really love this name though) I love HS and can’t wait to read the third book. Love you Ally and thanks for being an amazing author <3

  86. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OMG that is so awesome!!! I cannot wait for the book!!!!!

  87. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! woo-hoo i’m soo excited obviously! haha Ally your an amazing writer ,and i cant wait for Perfect Scondrels to come out! I am soo glad that Hale and Kat are boyfriend and girlfriend!
    oh and p.s. i love the cover :)

  88. OMG!!!!! I can’t wait for this book!!!! I almopst screamed when i saw this today and then i read the word boyfriend and I almost fainted :)

  89. Natalie says:


  90. Omigosh I got so excited when I saw this! I havnt read the second Heist Society but I loved the first one and I’m sure this one is going to be AMAZING!

  91. Fave Zach quote: All the cool kids are doing it.
    Fave Hale quote: You know, I could be naked in here.
    Whats yours?? :)

    • Fave Zach quote – “All the cool kids are doing it”
      Fave Hale quote’s – “That’s simple, I’m the boy who happened to be home
      The day Kat came to steal a Monet”
      – “Count me in Kat, you should always count me in”

  92. Madelyn says:

    So I guess the whole idea that ‘Hale was gonna run around the world looking for his shirt ‘was just a joke? :(

  93. Wynne G. says:

    Sounds soooo good!! I cant wait! Iv always wanted to know more about Hale… ;)

  94. Kelli (ally carter reader forever) says:


  95. melissa says:

    jskf hhfks afjkakfhsjkfhajkhfjkasfkasfjkhasdjkfsavlhslkvhskavhsk….. AFKSHF SKAFH LAFHSKHJFKASF HVKSVHKHSAKHFKASFKSHFKJSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 OH EHM GEE OH EHM GEE OH EHM GEE IM SO EXCITED!

  96. hey there says:

    does this mean we finally figure out hales’ real name? lol

  97. hey there says:

    i think htats hale in kat’s sunglasses hahahah

  98. Melissa says:

    No book trailer, yet. (Hopefully)

  99. When I read the synopsis, Perfect Scoundrels felt totally different from the other two books.
    I’ve always loved Hale, one of my favorite characters, and it will be really interesting to see his life before Kat and how it would have been.
    I read Story Behind the Story, and I love the reasons you made the book. Because, I’ve always thought stuff happened to easy for Kat because of Hale’s wealth, always wanted to know what his life was like, and love cons!
    Can’t wait till I pre-order it and I love the title.
    Another great Ally Carter book to put on my shelf. =D

  100. Katie M says:

    Ok guys. When I saw this everyone in my house was trying to sleep, so I had to silent scream. Do you know how hard that is when you are THIS excited?

    Anyway, congrats Ally!!!

  101. OMG!!! I can’t wait till it comes out. BOYFRIEND?!?! So excited!!!

  102. What will nick do about dids?

  103. one word


  104. Sachini says:

    I’m sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!

    But when I read the synopsis it sounded like Kat and Hale will separate. I’m so worried:(

    • That’s what I thought, I personally think that’d be a mistake – although, she hasn’t with Zach and Cammie, so HOPEFULLY everything will be alright, and they’ll stay together!!! I love them as a couple, the moment I started reading them, I was like; “they HAVE to end up together!” ally carter is the BEST!!!!

  105. SHE CAN’T LOOSE HALE!!!!!!!! That’s so scary! I would be so sad, but I can’t wait for this or gg6. I honestly am not sure which one I love more :)

  106. OMG I just had a really wierd thought!! If you cast anyone in a Heist Society movie as Hale, please, PLEASE make it Andrew Garfield!!! PLEASE!!!! I will be in your debt forever!!!:):O

    • And another thought, cast Emma Stone as Kat!!! Andrew and her make such a cute couple!!!! Just dye her hair brown and your all set ;)

  107. Oh my GOOOOOOSH!!! I am dying on the inside! I have got to get my hands on that book as soon as it comes out… my piggy bank won’t be quite as happy as me though…

  108. can’t wait to read it! yay! soo exited.

  109. HALE IS ON THE COVER!!!!!!!!!

  110. I am dying to read this. Im going to drag my dd to the stroe when it comes out. Then im going to have him stare at it for and hour. Then im going to pick-pocket him and buy this book!!!!!! Im in love with hale so this book is perfect.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel absolute happiness right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. This looks so awesome. I love all the Hiest covers they are so cool. Its funny though when reading the books I never imagine Kat looking like the girl on the cover, I dont know why?

  112. Hale vs Nick Questioner says:

    I wonder if Nick willl come in to the picture and If Kat and Hale will seperate? AnD I CANT BELIEV ITS COMING OUT IN FEBUARY!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HALE

  113. Jennifer Lamore says:

    Uh oh….sounds like trouble- I don’t know, I just get the sense that Hale won’t be so kind in this one- like he’s gonna put his new company and money in front of Kat….but it sounds awesome! I can’t wait!

  114. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepp

  115. Can’t you get the book out faster?!? I’ve spent the last hour pinching myself so I don’t burst out and scream”heist society 3 isdone and coming out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  116. OMG!! So excited. But Hale cannot lose Kat! They are perfect for each other!

  117. Can’t wait!!!!!! February 5 2013!!! Forget my birthday, and Christmas, and every other holiday all I can think about right now is Perfect Scoundrels…. Coming out Feb. 5th ! Followed (of course) by the 6th GG book, whenever it comes out. YAY! Hale and Zach are both awesome- can’t wait for either!!!!!!


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it! Hale is finally Kat’s boyfriend!!!!! Can’t wait to read it! Also can’t wait for GG6!!!!!!!!



  120. Is Hale’s first name gonna be revealed here? I sure hope so. I’m dyyyyyyying to find out!!! <3 *lovesick*

  121. :) :) :) says:

    I love the covers but i have to say that they sort of make it hard for me to imagine they way i want the characters to look like because the people on the cover keep popping into my head – also is it just me because i dont think hale looks like a teen , he is not what i wanted hale to look like – but its the story that counts , not the cover so i think it will be a really good book and i am very excited to hear what happens next

  122. OMG i totally love HS books i just got HS & UC for my birthday and i can’t wait for perfect scoundrels and why on earth would kat give up Hale he is my perfect boy I just wish he existed for real!!!!

  123. Hi Ally,
    I’m about to seriously blow up!!!! I’m so excited for Heist Society 3 and can’t wait to see more of Hale,Kat,The Bagshaw Twin, Gabrielle, Simon, and of course nick!!!!! I have a question, is there going to be a Heist Society Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!Please reply!!!!!!!! I love your books some much and cant wait for GG6

  124. hi i am a fan and unfortunately I am born French girls not gg hs but I have and c j is my favorite book often read in chunks and I laugh all alone like an idiot but my questions are: when will be released in 3 hs France I know there’s a list but I can not find it if someone could tell me to be cool! and question two is that when hs 2 was released in the USA??? thank you in advance!! ;-)

  125. salut je suis une fan française et malheureusement je nais pas les filles gg mais hs je l ai et c est mon livre préféré j en lis souvent des morceaux et je rigole toutes seul comme une imbécile mais mes questions sont : quand hs 3 va sortir en France je sais qu’il y a une liste mais je n’arrive pas à la trouver si quelqu’un pouvait me le dire se serait cool !!! et question deux c’est quand que hs 2 est sortie aux USA ???merci d’avance !!!!! ;-)

  126. I LOVE ZACH+HALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plus i WANT more kissing!!!!

  127. I love the Ally Carter books. Especially the Gallagher Girls Series. Please write a sixth book. I really want to read another one!!!!!

  128. PLEASE WRITE A SIXTH BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Oh my God! I am so exited, I just can’t wait!!!

  130. AHHHHHHHH! I wish it would come out sooner!!!! I love Ally Carter’s books!

  131. Oh my gosh that is so annoying, y can’t the book be out now, I am dyyyying of waiting!!!!!! Can you post the first chapter or something, I am sooooo exited!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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    It may be difficult, since I’m so excited, but I think I can wait until February. Time does fly and we don’t want it to fly too quickly, do we? At least I don’t. C: Still… February… Three months away…
    Anyway, THANKS, ALLY, FOR BEING SUCH AN AWESOME AUTHOR and CONGRATs on a new book release (soon). :)

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  135. Akshita Dondeti says:

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  141. Bobby Lee says:



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    Your sincererly..
    Daniya, a HUGE fan!! :) x

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