Mini blog: mini excerpt

“To track a fox, you start at its den.”


Only the Good Spy Young–in stores June 29, 2010!



Edited to add: seeing everyone’s guesses and comments really is a blast for me, and it’s making ME so excited for the book to come out.  I can’t wait for you guys to read this one (and learn everything that comes out in this next phase of the story.)  I just can’t wait!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love it (very Goode) it just made my day =O

  2. Wow!! That is an amazing quote and I’ll be thinking of what that leads to forever!! (By forever, I mean till the book comes out!!!) I CAN’T WAIT!!! 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE you! Thank you so much! This is an amazing quote!

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i have been waiting months for that!!! CANT WAIT FOR THE BOOK! (i pre-ordered it yesterday :) )

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Aaaaaah!!!!! This made my weekend!!!! OMG! It’s really interesting…
    Nice quote.
    Just 67 days!!

  7. Thanks, Ally! Can’t wait till release day!


  8. Can’t wait. I’m trying to use your mini excerpts to put clues together to figure things out. Before the book comes out.

  9. I can not wait to see why who said what they said? o_0 Well… that quote will not leave me alone!!!!!

  10. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! OMG Awesome can’t wait all my calendars are set. Best day ever!

  11. Awesome!! Foxes are one of my favorite animals!!!!

  12. Have we mentioned lately that you are completely awesome?

  13. I love the GG series!!!! anyone interested in helping me find out how to make a countdown widget i would greatly appriciate it!!! Thx!

  14. Ugh… Now that quote is going to haunt me until the book comes out!! Interesting quote…. Hmmmm.
    Maybe Cammie–or someone else– is tracking someone who’s code name is Fox…. Hmmmm
    Aaaaah!!! Can’t wait for GG4!!!!

  15. this is going to keep me up tonight! LOL! Not that I’m complaining or anything!!!! It’s the weekend!! 😀

    is it Zach, or Liz, or Bex, or macey,or it could be Mr.Soloman!! aahhhh!!! hahaha

  16. Anonymous says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i am so excited for GG4!!!
    ohmigosh that quote is awesome!!! you are such an AWESOME writer!! i cant wait to get mu hands on GG4 i am saving my money till it comes out so i can buy it!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    OMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she going to Zachs house???/???? IM SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!!! okay, this has nothing to do with your awesome quote but… IS IT LIZ????? i wanna knowm, but i also don’t because if it is Liz i’m going to be like, wow. and it would be sooo weird reading and liz being evil. okay it can’t be liz, or can it? DUN DUN DUHHHH.

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. The book is absolutely bought though It is too far though I want to go ・・・.

  21. omg ally i can’t wait for GG4

  22. Thanks so much, Ally!! But no doubt I’ll be agonizing over it for the next two months…
    I honestly think I’m going to go crazy.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hahaha i love that and it totaly made my day to

  24. Michella says:

    *squeal* I’m already freaking out because I got my mom the best Mother’s Day gift (concert tixs to her fave band), we’re gonna so see Next to Normal (Broadway), and now THIS! Best freakin Sunday ever! Even the HW waiting for me when I get home can’t crush my mood!


  25. Anonymous says:

    you can’t track a fox first at its den. You have to find the den first.

  26. Anonymous says:

    kinda sounds like something Mr. Solomon would say

  27. Anonymous says:

    cant wait till GG4 comes out!!! dont know really what the quote means, going 2 drive me crazy now.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I hope its Mr. Soloman :) We need some good dosage of him

  29. Anonymous says:

    Liz is good. She can never be evil.

  30. Anonymous says:

    i hear you there =) 😉

  31. Why?

  32. i hope the traitor isn’t soloman i like him i can take it if it’s zac. but i do agree we do need to find out a few things about him

  33. I bet it’s Mr. Solomon who says this!!!!!!

  34. Jennifer says:

    I don’t believe that. Didn’t Cammie mention that Liz was probably the most dangerous one of them all in Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover? Wasn’t it Liz who tried looking for the ring? How did she not recognize the ring? Where did she get the tickets to that political thing? Research and Operations people can be good liars, too. Just because she’s not in Covert Operations doesn’t mean she can’t keep secrets. She doesn’t seem quite as close to Cammie as Bex or Macey sometimes, but s still a most trusted friend. If they are being betrayed, wouldn’t it have to be someone very close?

  35. HAHA when I was writing fanfictions I have considered “fox” a code name for Zach…dont know why…just thought that he was sneaky and cocky and sly.

  36. what!If it is Zach I will freak out! I dont think it is him though. I think it is someone less immportant, like an insignificant teacher. I hope its not Mr. Solomon.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Why would they go back to school not knowing who to trust at school if it hadn’t been someone from that school?

  38. Jennifer says:

    Although I don’t really think it was Liz,I was trying to make a point and I really hope it wasn’t Zach or Mr.Solomon. I don’t think it could be Mr. Solomon. And that quote about the fox sounds like either Mr. Solomon or Bex said it.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I dunno, I don’t think whoever said is necessarily evil. Why couldn’t it be Cammie? Maybe the Gallagher Girls are tracking someone. Or maybe this is one of Mr. Solomon’s lessons.

  40. Anonymous says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! this made my day :)

  41. Thank you! This made my suckish day a tiny bit better. XD

  42. Wonderful! This is the type of stuff that will stay at the back of my mind for days and drive me nuts!! (not that I’m complaining)

  43. Hmmm…clever quote:)

  44. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting. it makes you think.

  45. I know! I agree a hundred percent. I’m gonna keep thinkin about what it means:)

  46. Deztiny says:

    I have a strange feeling that Cammie herself, did not say this. 😛

    Ohh, this makes me so excited to buy the book!

  47. OMG!! That is so awesome! Made my day and that is the greatest quote ever

  48. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!!! no doubt i’m gonna be thinking bout this over and over!! lol!

  49. Its a good thing I made a counter for the GG4 release, I’d go stark-raving mad if I didn’t know how much longer I had to wait to read GG4…51 more days…..AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see what I mean?!)

  50. Anonymous says:

    wow.. 51 days? thats a really long time

  51. Anonymous says:


    hello my name is Juliee and work with a local book club group i would like to hear you thoughts on who you believe is this mysterious person that attacks Cammie while in London with Bex!
    Please Dont leave out any details on what you think and why you think that!

  53. Anonymous says:

    I think the person who attacked Cammie was someone Zach knows because they looked at Zach and said “You!!??” in a really suprised way. I also think Zach has something to do with that secret society that tried to kill President Lincoln, the one everyone thought was after Macey. I cannot wait to read GG4.

  54. I think the person who attackd Cammie was someone Zach totallly knew, I also think he is part of them or at least pretending to be becasue he follows Cammie everywhere and there after Cammie. And we all know zachs not all bad, but not all good.

  55. I honestly believe that the person who did it is someone that is not in the previous books but prossible stated, i think this because everyone expects it to be someone like zach josh mr. solomon abby liz tina etc. i highly doubt that Ally would give the book away so easily but if i had to pick someone it would be one of the boys from blackthrone that was mentioned but kept it queit prossibly because he was observing his surrounds the whole time__keeping it low but not too low!

  56. now that you’ve mentioned that, i think it might be jonas.
    he seemed so quiet and a low suspect 😛

  57. Hi Ally my name is (obviously) Belle.I know your from the Pryor/Locust Grove/Salina area(I’m not a stalker,I’m a bookworm at the library and the librarian told me you’re from around here)I was wondering if you’ll ever come to the bookstore in town again.(if you’ve gone to the bookstore’s website lately, they say that you’ve been here before)
    (P.S. my friend’s nana is friends with your aunt,so that’s also why I know you’re from this area)

  58. Anonymous says:

    ya! definately something that solomon will say to a class full of elite spies! im willing to bet that solomon knows more then he’s letting out at the end of the book… hey! he’s in there cuz he’s got major skills and he’s bound to be smart in areas like getting information!

  59. Is it just me or does that seem like something Solomon would say?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Thant what i was thinking

  61. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!!!! i can wait for GG4 to come out! I am totally counting down till the 29th!!!!!

  62. Anonymous says:

    i dont think it is zach’s dad, unless he’s actually this really powerful double agent that got many back ups and wants revenge on cammie for reasons we dont know yet. maybe it had something to do with cammie’s father and what he does on missions. that one time that abby told cammie that they were tracking this double agent, maybe that was the father who was supposedly “dead”, and maybe zach’s dad. any other guessses? i cant wait till GG4 comes out! all this mystery is like bugging me! keep writing ally!!you are my most favorite author!!

  63. Anonymous says:

    IN the 3rd book @, the end, there’s a man that just runs away from Zach. my theory is that this is Zach’s dad. Allie led us to believe his parents were dead but it was never specified. Wat do u think?

  64. HannahROXyourSOX says:

    Wow, how cool!
    I’m stoked for GG4’s release!
    Love, Hannah

  65. i dont get it ,is she going to face the enemy head on?


  67. I agree with some comments, it sounds like Mr. Solomon said it. He is always saying spy quotes or stuff like that.
    65 days!!

  68. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Whose the Fox? where’s it’s den and who said that?! I’m going to go INSANE for two months!!! AHHHHHHHHHH mini excerpts are the BEST but can drive you insane!! Keep it up Ally.

    Why can’t june 29th come faster?

  69. I don’t knw If any1 saw my last comment but wut if it’s Didi!!!! I mean she’s so sweet and stuff and thts usually the most suspcious people. And she’s just so…… Idk I guess Im just mad tht Josh and her ended up 2gether. Does dat bother any1 else??? I luv ur books ally. I cnt wait to read GG4.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I cannot wait I’m pre-ordering it next week with my dad (I don’t have an account haha)

  71. alrite now, who’s looking for who?? aww man im gona be thinkin bou this for a veryyyyy long timeeee. i cant wait!!!!!!

  72. hmmm…. sounds like the beginning of a beautiful gallager girls book =D

  73. foreveryours says:

    lols! if it’s didi, then she’s the most cunning actor i have ever seen. she’s nice so no one will really suspect her, and the next thing u know, it’s the world goes black for cammie! and imagine she’s the master mind of the whole plan too!

  74. Anonymous says:

    *squeals like little 2 year old* OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Now I believe my head will explode with how much I want to read the book!!! I absolutely ADORE you Ally, and It’s because of you I’ve begun writing stories again. THANKS MUCH!!! This does sound like something Solomon would say. But I’m going to laugh if someone you wouldn’t expect to say it says it. LOL!!! LOVE YA ALLY! (Head explodes :3)

  75. OMGGGG!! YAY!
    Ah. I have so many ideas of what that quote could have been used for… Sigh. I’ll just have to wait to find out. 😉
    I personally don’t think any of my ideas are right though…



    P.s. You are an awesome writer and never stop inspiring me. Have a wonderful day.

  76. *in a mystical voice* as i read all of these comments, one thing is on my mind: *screaming so LOUD the neightbors can hear*

    WHY. CANT. JUNE. 29TH. COME. ANY. FASTER?!?!?!?!?

    like seriously, (btw, mystical voice is gone) EVERY comment i read, i agree with! personally, i think that u r such a good writer that ANYONE that ANYONE guessed on here could b right!!! thats how good u r!! u give absolutely NOTHING away. and u know what?, i kinda hate u for that (not in a “i hate you hate you” way, in a “i love you” way).
    you’ll have us guessing until the final second….and that is why i did the whole “screaming” thing.
    yeah, your awesomeness caused a 13yr old girl to scream. (and that is totally a compliment).
    i cant wait for the book!!!!!! and u can trust me on this, i will be thinking about it EVERY.DAY. and i can tell u right now that i wont be the only one. :)
    *oh and 1 thing i was wondering (even though question day was like, a month ago) ~do u ever get worried that the book wont be good? i mean, all of the people on here are so excited. does the pressure ever get to you???
    Your so amazing! Keep it up!

  77. Hi Ally! OMG i love that quote :)
    i was wondering if you could change the blog setup cuz it took me forever to figure it out

  78. Oh, how am I supposed to wait for the book to come out! Ally is such a good writer!

  79. Aaah! I am sooo excited! What a great quote! The Gallagher Girl books are amazzzziiinnnnggggg!!!

  80. Oh my gosh!! I am SOOO excited!! You INSPIRE me Ally!! Thanks!

  81. Oh, and the quote was VERY GOOD! I like how it keeps you thinking! All the different possibilities of who it is are popping into my head! I don’t know if I can wait until June 29th, my head will EXPLODE!!

  82. caroline says:

    hey ally and fans! im from dallas and im sooooo excited for ur signing in may!!! mini excerpts and so devious with us coming up with so many senarios of who says what and why. here are my ideas:
    -cammie says because she is trying to find zach and decides to first look at his den (black thorn)
    -mr. soloman says while (obviously) noticing cammie in his unusual way. there could also be a scene where cammie is repeating this while on anyone of the adventures listed here or one ally makes up.
    -zach says in one of his mysterious letters like “be careful” and “have fun in london -z” and stuff like that
    -of course there is always the possibility that cammie is out looking for her dad and tries searching her moms office and the farm/ranch thing w/ grandparents and also maybe at black thorn because that is the most likely place her dad went to school. plus zach always seems to know something she doesnt so she could haveee another reason yet again to go to blackthorn

    thats all i got! hope it creates even more suspense!!!!! i really love the adreneline i get from these things! i definitely would bo bungee jumping off of a bridge!

    luv ya!

    ps. ally-did u know that on may 24 the new season on the bachelorette is coming on and her name is ally? she was on the most recent season with jake and most of my family didnt like her but we always will love the u ally!!!!!

  83. Marissa =D says:

    O my gosh I can’t wait for the book to come out!!!!! I am pretty positive that Zach will be in it at least I hope he will!!!! I agree with the people who thought it was Solomon saying that. I just can’t wait to read the book!!! Thanks Ally!!!!

  84. Anonymous says:

    i think that it was Zach or someone who has sometihng to do with him, because at the of GG3 the person who stepped out of the van said,”You” to Zach. I think that Zach’s family are with the people who wanted to hurt Macy. So many questions were unanswered in GG3 dieing to know the answers.

  85. You answersed my last comment for an excerpt. Omg can’t wait. You are my favorite author of all time! I keep rereading all your books. I don’t know how to make a widget so I’m gonna wait for it. How do you do a chat. I’ve done one. I wasn’t a daily ally Carter. But now I come here everyday! So can you give me a hint on how to do a chat. But thnx for all. Can’t wait for Gg4

  86. my friend and i have examined this quote and think if you want to find out something about someone whose sneaking around u should start from the beginning of when they started sneaking around

  87. becca boo says:

    CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the quote

  88. Wow! That is sooooo amazing! I cant wait till GG4!i’m on TEAM ZACK! i just hope he’s not a bad guy!I heard that zack might be taking care of her, is that true?

  89. I absolutely agree 100 % with your guesses. That I-Know-something-you-don’t-know smile of Zach is always a mystery(and funny) hmmmm.
    I think head will explode!!
    And like others comments,
    JUNE 29 PLEASE COME FASTER!! So many good things in June, like School’s over. Eclipse premieres. Stephenie Meyer’s new book comes out, and the best one: Only the good spy young finally in stores(!!!).
    Just 63 days!!

  90. Thanks Ms. Carter,
    GG4 is gonna be the best yet!(:

  91. Anonymous says:

    If the person who betrays Cammie is Zach I’m going to cry for days (not even kidding) because they are soooooooo perfect for each other!!!!! And that was also a very good idea thinking the guy that runs away from Zach is his dad. I never thought of that. I can’t wait any longer. The anticipation is driving me insane!!!!!!

  92. Person no. 12 says:

    Hi – so I just really wanted to ask a question that has been nagging at the back of my mind for the past couple months; cam’s name is Cameron Ann Morgan, her nickname is Cam. did you mean for her initials (C.A.M.) to spell out her nickname?
    thank you!!
    Person no. 12

  93. Anonymous says:

    Ally, sorta off-topic but, can you make something like an essay contest about “what it takes to be a spy” or “secret life of the Gallagher spy” or something? Please don’t ignore this comment. Thank you!

  94. OMG!!!! Could this quote be from after Bex and Cammie get back from England and they’re trying to track down whoever betrayed them???? Or is it the Betrayer? Or am I completely wrong?! AHHHHHH SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!

    This book is going to be the best one of them all!

  95. either that or cammie is calling soloman a fox

  96. My head wil EXPLODE!!! The next two months I will be freaking out!!
    GG4!! JUNE 29!!! COME FASTER!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps. This is off-topic but ally are you and you fictional boyfriend(aka George Clooney) are still together?? It’s been a while you don’t mention him. :)

  97. I finally figured out how to leave comments! (At least, I think I did…)That took me long enough!

  98. Anonymous says:

    I bet Zach is “Fox” and the “Den” is Blackthorne! Ha!

  99. Oh my Gosh! That’s super crazy! Yeah, if I could go to D.C. I couldn’t stop thinking about Zach!
    Haha funny Story :)

  100. Anonymous says:

    OMG I totally agree on the traitor being Josh! There has to be more to him then townie, Cammie ex bo-ish stuff. There wouldn’t be a point to his character in my opinion. I’m TOTAL Zammie! Can’t wait for HS2 and GG4, going to be totally wicked awesome when I have to tackle somebody like a howler monkey to get the book…

  101. OMG! tat just completely made my day!!!!
    hmmmmmmmmmmm. tat seems like a bex-ish comment to me. i wonder if shes who said that?
    btw LUV THE NEW BLOG LAYOUT!!!! sooo pretty 😉
    cant wait for GG4!!!!!! or Heist society 2!!!!!!!

  102. Anonymous says:

    OMZ what if the traitor is Zach?? I mean rouge operative, does that mean Cammie is going to his house or maybe even BLACKTHRON?!

  103. OMG!I’m sooooo excited for GG4 to come out!! Ok so if anyone was a “rogue double agent” it would probaly be Zach,but he isn’t one of Cammie’s most trusted allies because she said it herself in GG3. So I think it going to be Bex. I can’t wait for it to come out!!! P.S. I bet Mr. Soloman said the quote. Ally PLEASE give us more quotes!<3

  104. Luv it!

  105. I’m wondering who they are tracking. Will it be the traitor (who, by the way, I think is Josh, cause Cammie doesn’t even think he knows she is a spy)? I think that Cammie and her friends will be on to at least one of the people in the Circle of Cravan(or however you spell that) and they will go on a mission to catch the traitor and interrogate him/her! I am sooooooooo excited!!!

  106. I just wanted you to know, Ally, that you should totally write a book where they do the exchange again(cause there will always be new gallager girls and they will not have had the exchange program experience)but the girls go to Blackthorne! THAT WOULD BE SO AWSOME!!!

  107. i think it means that they r trying to catch some1(prob circle of cavan) so they find the person’s hideout or home or whatever

  108. Megan Noel says:

    If the fox is Zach…then they’re ging to Blackthorne!!!!!

  109. I cannot wait for this book!!!!!! I always liked the series, but I have literally been obsessed since my choir’s trip to D.C. My friend and I were at the museum of American History, and we couldn’t stop joking about how Zach was going to be there. Then, RIGHT by the ruby slipper exhibit, we saw a really cute guy with a couple of other guys. They were looking at us. It was pretty funny. Then, a little later, we saw them down by the First Lady dress exhibit! And we saw them at least three more times after that! And right as we were leaving, he came up to us and said hi! and he started talking to us! we couldn’t get over this when we got on the bus. he was like Zack, exactly!!! And as if that weren’t enough, we saw him AGAIN that same night at the Lincoln memorial! IT WAS WICKED CRAZY!!!!

  110. this is going to drive me crazyyy!!! you have to make another expert cant be zack at blackthorne because hes no longer in blackthorne.also zacks to good of a spie to be when she buged his room and he found the bugs and when he revearsed the tracking devise on his shoe to find her.zack is a little suspisouse tho which makes him hotter but idk cant wait for the book to come out;)

  111. Andrea i says:

    the only thing that won’t leave my mind is the feeling that cammie’s dad is not really dead but hey maybe i’m just watching too many movies…

  112. Natalie says:

    I bet Mr. Solomon said that!
    And I don’t think Cammie is tracking Zach, ‘cuz she doesn’t know where Blackthorne is(at least she finds outs), and like a comment above, Zach is a REALLY GOOD spy to be tracked. But for my guesses I think that the doble-agent that Cammie and Bex found in London is Josh, I was rereading GG3 and idk but why in the world Josh was staring a cammie in the football stadium and, she was in Disguise! I just know that Josh isn’t just a simple Townie!!
    You know, I have a tick-tack in my head counting the days until GG4!
    58 days! Wooo hoo!!! The day is getting closer!!!

  113. Anonymous says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! This is going to drive me crazy! Is fox referring to Liz or Zach? I think it is one of them or Mr.S but wow I love these books and I can not wait for this one to come out to!

  114. Another reason I know its Bex is becasue the definition of double agent is an agent from one country spying on another and who do we know that international…..

  115. Thanks for sharing this.

  116. I disagree with many of the commments i believe this mysteriou person is Josh not Zach simply because he was always there mentioned or not and he followed her in the 1st book to her school probably 2 info on her or maybe its cammie mom?? that would be the HUGEST betraly? its probAbly some1 we dont know! cant wait for Ally

  117. Anonymous says:

    Guys, guys, it’s not Mr. Solomon, Abby, Cammie, Liz, Bex, Macey, or Zach . . . IT’S A NEW CHARACTER!! AH!! ohmigosh! Is it ANOTHER hot boy? Ohmigosh! Drama!

  118. I totally get what mean about Josh staring at Cammie, but wasn’t Zach therr too he could have been staring at Zach becasue hello hes his exgirlfriends boyfriend as far as he can see, but the girls are really good spies Cammies neck and neck with Zach and if they tracked and followed his every move for months I think she’d know he was a spy just compare Zach and Josh and you’ll see

  119. This is awesome. The book comes out the day after school’s out!

  120. Anonymous says:

    No, no, no it has to be Bex that says this. I wonder if they’re talking about Zach ( I love Zach!)… Oh my gosh thank for this quote by the way! It just totally made my day, and I am totally counting down ’til the book comes out!

  121. Anonymous says:

    omg! what a great quote!! its gonna be drivin me insane until i read the book! i think their talkin bout Zach whoever it is.

  122. I’m with you just waitinng for him to come back

  123. tessa =) says:

    I say:
    1. The double agent can’t be Bex. It just can’t. Too many people would cry(totally understandable)
    2. this sounds like a very bexish quote to me N remember in the 2nd one when they were bugging teh boys room bex wanted to put cameras but cammie said no and maybe they’re tracking zach cuz he’s the double(maybe triple) agent and they want to know more so bex is trying to get cammie to try to flirt it out of zach if she sees him or trying to convince her to find blackthorne/his house/command center(ya know)
    3. another hot guy would be GREAT ( but i totally love zach he’s so cute cuz he’s all protective but knows good and well that cammies pretty safe on her own)
    4. i can’t wait for june 29 even though i’m probly not gonna get the book then!!! *sigh*!!!!!!!!!

  124. Briana says:

    This makes me very excited Ally. I just recently started reading the other three books again, and I just came to realize how actually WONDERFUL your writing is. I haven’t gotten a chance to read Heist Society yet, but then again, I’d like to read the whole serious at once, one after the other. Yes, that most definitely would be awesome.
    I also wanted to say a special thanks and CONGRATS to Amanda, the countdown looks great, and I’m sure you are one of the true Gallagher Girls out there.
    Oh well, it’s time to go, reading awaits me. 😀
    Have a nice Mother’s Day everyone.

  125. Briana says:

    It shouldn’t be Zach, cuz he’s suppose to love Cammie, he’s not the traitor, but he might be who the’re tracking down, cuz one of the girls say in GG3 that Zach is either out there to kill us, kidnap us or date us. (Sorry if that’s not the exact words it’s been some time since I’ve read GG3!)

    But then again, Mr. Smith has a lot of secrets, as well as Mr. Solomon, Aunt Abby, and we don’t know much about Bex parents, so they might be suspects. And there’s alwaaays Mrs. Dabney, who to me seems very suspicious, I just hope it’s not Zach or Liz or Cammie’s mom, I can deal with anyone else. :/

  126. Briana says:

    It can really be Josh, I’m freaking out now.
    I mean, what if now he joined the Blackthorne boys, but he’s bad and Zach knows it, and he’s trying to protect Cammie, who obviously he looooves <3

    OMG, so many things going threw my head right now, I think I’ll maybe faint ;/ CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THIS BOOK! (I’m gonna be at the bookstore at 7am on the 29th. AHHHHH)

  127. ZachIsMine says:

    Hello Ally!
    ZIM heree- although maybe i should be ZAHIM! (Zach AND Hale Is Mine ;))
    Love this quote…
    I’m gussing Person A and Person B are trying to track Person C. (I’m not sure who would be who. xD)
    So to find C, you start at its den. Den= home? School?
    Perhaps Cammie and Bex looking for Zach?
    The possibilities!

  128. Person no. 12 says:

    yeah at some point you might get really tired of me but I really really really need to find out the answer! every time I read a GG book I have an impulse to ask the question but no one will know the answer but you! Cam’s name is Cameron Ann Morgan, her nickname is Cam, did you mean for her initials to spell her nickname?

  129. OMG!!! That’s my birthday! So can’t wait!!!!Ugh i kinda hate you for the excerpts but then again i love you for them :)

    15 in 62 days!

  130. Anonymous says:

    OMG if ZACH is the traitor i will rip all of my HAIR out of my HEAD. it cant be Zach. it wont be ZACH. i know it!!
    interesting quoet. a quoet that will haunt me until the book comes out. we DO need some dirt on MR SOLOMON
    or CAMMIES DAD!!
    BY THE WAY!!!
    come to BROOKFIELD CT
    or at least danbury CT. or BETHEL CT
    somewhere in this area!!!
    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddd to meet you!!
    pretty please with skittles on top?
    extra fudge?
    how about a new book?
    the next book in hunger games?
    how about a million ba-jillion dollars?

    yours till the skittles are gone,


    p.s please? pretty please? LOVE YOU ALLEY!!!

  131. I seriously think its cammie or 1 of her pals. they go need 2 find info, and the idea is to find the persons home. 2 check it out. Ms.Carter plz plz plz plz plz come to montreal canada. i love ur books. i no u hear this from others but seriously. LOVE them. plz plz give us a chapter worth of an excerpt. i cried when i found out the book wasnt at the book store i was waiting for a long time. im not one of the stalker fans… i hope not. I really wish u could go to this library in saint-laurent area. its called the saint-laurent library. i really hope u’ll b able 2 make it. Im so excited

  132. Anonymous says:

    its not Bex because she was with CAmmie when they find out who the betrayer is!

  133. LoL!!! I think that prize-Oops!!! I mean phrase-means that to track someone properly you have to start at their home!!! OMG!!! Is that a clue to how to finish the maybe unfinishable quiz??? PLEASE tell me!!! I really want to know!!! Maybe it means that I have to start at the home page… First I will finish this strategy and then I will totally try that!!! Loooove Kailey!!! PS Still can’t wait for Only the Good Spy Young to come out!!!

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