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Books: Gallagher Girls - Ally Carter

Books: Gallagher Girls

Will there be a GG5?!
Yes.  The title is OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME and it will be in stores on March 13, 2012.

What happens in Out of Sight, Out of Time?!
I can’t tell you everything, of course, but you can read the full official book description here.

How many Gallagher Girl books are you going to write?
Six. Probably. Maybe more or less depending on how the writing goes, but right now I’m thinking six will wrap things up nicely.

What is the order of the Gallagher Girls books?

Did ____ really happen in GG4?
Without spoiling anything, I will say that what Cammie wrote (in the book) is what Cammie meant.  If you read/re-read you should come to the appropriate conclusions.

I have so many questions about GG4!  Where can I ask them?
Chances are they’ve already been asked and answered during our GG4 spoiler chat.  Read all the Qs and As right here.

Where did you get the idea for a girls school for spies (aka The Gallagher Academy) and your Gallagher Girls series?
I actually tell the full story for each of my books under the “Story behind the story” tabs for the books in the books section.  Check it out. 

Who is the girl on the covers of your books?
Actually, it’s all different girls and I don’t know any of their names–sorry. My awesome publisher, Disney-Hyperion, has tried to get the same model for each shoot but so far that hasn’t been possible. For the GG3 cover they actually did some fancy stuff with Photoshop so that the girl’s face is the same from LYKY, but there were technically four different models.

What does Cammie look like exactly?  Is she tall, average, brunette, blond?
Cammie is average. In every way average. She’s the chameleon, remember? She’s not too tall, too short, too chubby, too thin, too anything. I think she’s probably got light brown hair eyes that change color depending on what she’s wearing. She is, however, prettier than she probably gives herself credit for (but who wouldn’t feel ugly next to Macey or boring next to Bex or fat next to Liz?)

When will ____ book be published in _____ country?
There is no such thing as a universal international publication date,
but we do our best to keep a list of all of the countries where we have
sold publishing rights.  Please check this list
to see if a publisher in your country has purchased rights.  Then
you’ll need to check with a local bookstore or the local publisher to
determine what the publication date might be.  For more information on
how international publishing works, please read this post.

Why does the uniform change colors on every book? Is that important to the story?
The decision to make the uniforms a different color on each book doesn’t have anything to do with the books or the school. Actually, it’s a little trick that hopefully helps the “look” of the book walk the line between making people recognize it as a Gallagher Girls book but also keeps people from thinking that they’ve read that one before.

So, in other words, ideally people will think: hey, I know those books. But they will also say “my books are blue and green–this red one must be new!”

It’s a thin, thin line and a tough one to walk–that’s why it takes so long to get the GG covers right sometimes. 

There are some pages missing in one of my books.  Help!
Sometimes books are misprinted, but don’t worry.  If you get a misprinted book you simply have to return it to the store where you bought it.  Most stores will happily exchange damaged merchandise for a new copy at no charge.

At the beginning of LYKY Cammie says that she’ll turn 16 next month, but at the beginning of CMH Cammie says she’s still fifteen? How is that possible? When is Cammie’s birthday?
You are very observant. But sort of mistaken. Let me explain.

Cammie writes each book (or each book so far) during the school break that follows the semester in question.

So Cammie, the narrator, is telling the story of LYKY during winter break–in other words during late December or early January. So when she says “I’ll be sixteen next month” she’s talking about turning sixteen in late January or early February (to tell you the truth, I’ve never really narrowed it down.)

So she actually turned 16 during the course of CMH. Initially, there was a scene in there about her birthday, but it didn’t serve any purpose, so it got cut somewhere along the line.

Did you write Cammie, the main character of your Gallagher Girl series, to be just like you were in high school?
For starters, Cammie is a ton more intelligent than I am, but the ultimate difference is that I’ve had the life Cammie has dreamed of—two parents who love and support me unconditionally. Cammie has only had half of that.

But Cammie does have a mother who is her headmistress. My mother was a very popular, very respected teacher at my high school. Teachers’ kids learn very early on that everybody knows them and they can’t get away withanything!

Where did you come up with the name Gallagher?
The name Gallagher comes from Gallagher-Iba Arena at my alma mater, Oklahoma State University.


  1. I love these books SOO much! I’m eleven and I’ve been rereading and rereading these books (I sorta live to read these books) and I haven’t read GG1 and I’ve gotta read GH1 and GG6! OMG Ally you rock!
    Reading and waiting,

  2. Hi Ally

    I love your book gallagher academy, they are amazing. I have read them all and i so hope there will be a nr 7 that would just be awesome. Your new book that came out is amazing i read the first 2 chapters and now i want that book for real it is almost like gallagher academy. The girl Grace she sounds just like cammie when she lost her memory and the boy sounds just like Zach but the only diffrent to me is the school’s headmistres is the grandfather and the mom is dead and not the father…

    Any way I realy love your books
    Your fan
    Tenielle…. 😀 ;P