Books: Gallagher Girls

Will there be a GG5?!
Yes.  The title is OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME and it will be in stores on March 13, 2012.

What happens in Out of Sight, Out of Time?!
I can’t tell you everything, of course, but you can read the full official book description here.

How many Gallagher Girl books are you going to write?
Six. Probably. Maybe more or less depending on how the writing goes, but right now I’m thinking six will wrap things up nicely.

What is the order of the Gallagher Girls books?
GG6:  To be determined

Did ____ really happen in GG4?
Without spoiling anything, I will say that what Cammie wrote (in the book) is what Cammie meant.  If you read/re-read you should come to the appropriate conclusions.

I have so many questions about GG4!  Where can I ask them?
Chances are they’ve already been asked and answered during our GG4 spoiler chat.  Read all the Qs and As right here.

Where did you get the idea for a girls school for spies (aka The Gallagher Academy) and your Gallagher Girls series?
I actually tell the full story for each of my books under the “Story behind the story” tabs for the books in the books section.  Check it out. 

Who is the girl on the covers of your books?
Actually, it’s all different girls and I don’t know any of their names–sorry. My awesome publisher, Disney-Hyperion, has tried to get the same model for each shoot but so far that hasn’t been possible. For the GG3 cover they actually did some fancy stuff with Photoshop so that the girl’s face is the same from LYKY, but there were technically four different models. 

What does Cammie look like exactly?  Is she tall, average, brunette, blond?
Cammie is average. In every way average. She’s the chameleon, remember? She’s not too tall, too short, too chubby, too thin, too anything. I think she’s probably got light brown hair eyes that change color depending on what she’s wearing. She is, however, prettier than she probably gives herself credit for (but who wouldn’t feel ugly next to Macey or boring next to Bex or fat next to Liz?) 

When will ____ book be published in _____ country?
There is no such thing as a universal international publication date,
but we do our best to keep a list of all of the countries where we have
sold publishing rights.  Please check this list
to see if a publisher in your country has purchased rights.  Then
you’ll need to check with a local bookstore or the local publisher to
determine what the publication date might be.  For more information on
how international publishing works, please read this post.

Why does the uniform change colors on every book? Is that important to the story?
The decision to make the uniforms a different color on each book doesn’t have anything to do with the books or the school. Actually, it’s a little trick that hopefully helps the “look” of the book walk the line between making people recognize it as a Gallagher Girls book but also keeps people from thinking that they’ve read that one before.

So, in other words, ideally people will think: hey, I know those books. But they will also say “my books are blue and green–this red one must be new!”

It’s a thin, thin line and a tough one to walk–that’s why it takes so long to get the GG covers right sometimes. 

There are some pages missing in one of my books.  Help!
Sometimes books are misprinted, but don’t worry.  If you get a misprinted book you simply have to return it to the store where you bought it.  Most stores will happily exchange damaged merchandise for a new copy at no charge.

At the beginning of LYKY Cammie says that she’ll turn 16 next month, but at the beginning of CMH Cammie says she’s still fifteen? How is that possible? When is Cammie’s birthday?
You are very observant. But sort of mistaken. Let me explain.

Cammie writes each book (or each book so far) during the school break that follows the semester in question. 

So Cammie, the narrator, is telling the story of LYKY during winter break–in other words during late December or early January. So when she says “I’ll be sixteen next month” she’s talking about turning sixteen in late January or early February (to tell you the truth, I’ve never really narrowed it down.)

So she actually turned 16 during the course of CMH. Initially, there was a scene in there about her birthday, but it didn’t serve any purpose, so it got cut somewhere along the line.

Did you write Cammie, the main character of your Gallagher Girl series, to be just like you were in high school? 
For starters, Cammie is a ton more intelligent than I am, but the ultimate difference is that I’ve had the life Cammie has dreamed of—two parents who love and support me unconditionally. Cammie has only had half of that. 

But Cammie does have a mother who is her headmistress. My mother was a very popular, very respected teacher at my high school. Teachers’ kids learn very early on that everybody knows them and they can’t get away withanything

Where did you come up with the name Gallagher?
The name Gallagher comes from Gallagher-Iba Arena at my alma mater, Oklahoma State University.


  1. Maria DiVittorio says:

    Me and my cousin Cassie love the books ssssoooo much and Zach is our favorite charactor. I was wondering if you came up with Zach before during or after you were writing LYKY and who inspired you to make such a brillant charactor? Also what made you decied to make Bex british because I think that was really cool.


      • Everyoe is using things like LYKY what does it mean

        • Hayli Ring says:

          Lyky i think stands for love you kill you which refers to the book id tell you i love you but then id have to kill you.And ally i just started you first book and i can put it down .i love you. :):):):):):):):):):):)

          • Read first three books and addicted!! its probably going to be a while until i get the other two! :( guess i will just keep rereading and trying to catch things i missed. BTW i think like the second one the best

          • I go through all the books in like 2 days. I can’t put them down. Just finished the fifth book.

        • LYKY means: I’d tell you i Love You but i’d have to Kill You. it is the L and the Y in love you. get it? any ways i keep on thinking Ally is going to put Josh in somewhere

          • Charlotte says:

            same i keep thinkin hes gonna be in the next book bu then hes not….

          • I read all five books in like a week and I am so addicted. I can’t wait till a sixth book comes out!

          • i really liked josh and wish he was still in the books, but i still defiantly prefer zach!!

        • love you kill you. as in the book i’d tell you i love you but then i’d have to kill you :)

        • LYKY is LOVE YOU, KILL YOU as in I’d tell you I LOVE YOU, but then I’d have to KILL YOU

      • Natalie says:

        It’s means the first book, I’d Tell You I’d LOVE YOU But Then I’d Have To KILL YOU aka LYKY x

      • Did Ally Carter come up with the 6th book yet? And Yasmine, I agree with you. Ally PLEASE write more books!!!!!!! Or at least come up with a brand new series!!! I’m a big fan!!!

        • Does anyone know who poses in the Gallagher girl series????

          • jessenia hernadez says:

            they try to get the same girls all the time but cant so they use photo shop to change the faces!!!

        • Lisa Nguyen says:

          Hello please write more books with the same character , like them in a college years I read all your books like 30 times and still loving it,! My family said that I was like crazy and they actually told me to stop reading… Please . I think all your fans will love it ! I have too wait for the 6th book to come out! please be out soon, I’m dying to read it . I love Zach ahh he sounds so sweet and cam and him are the cutest ! I want to see this if it ever makes a movie! I would totally see it a bunch of times ! my favorite series ever ! I love it as much as the hunger games ! please make more books like them in there college spy years and more of the characters mostly the couple ! <3 thank you, please reply back if you can (:

          • Ewww I love the series but would hate college years it would just be stupid! Love josh and want him to come back!!!!!!

      • LYKY refers to the book I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You.
        Love You Kill You

      • anomynous says:

        she wants to write six

    • Dear Ally

      You are so cool,
      I live in England so have been waiting a while for you 5th book to come out but I am getting it today!
      All the characters are really great but my two fav’s are Cammie and Zach!
      Please write more then six or I think I may die from lack of these amazing book’s!
      I can not put any of the GG books down!
      Your books have changed my mind at how I look at the world and my new career choice, A SPY!
      Can you send some GG bags to the Uk I really need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

      XO Yasmin OX

      • Charlotte says:

        i agree u have to make more than 6 books….. They blow my mind…. Since ive read the books ive really wanted to be a spy/ to have cammies life…plz write more! Ecery day i imagine myself as a spy! I LOVE IT!

        • Pleeeeeasee write a spin off book, i dont mind if its like, 5 years later or something, I really want it to go on! I got book five the day it came out and finished it by that evening! Im now waiting for book six and i cant bear for it to be the last! I dont know if its weird but i really want to be cammie, bex, macey or liz while reading these books! So for it too all stop, i would be super upset! It really made me into your books. I got the first one from the school libary but had to buy them again and again! Me and two of my best friends keep arguing over who has the book next, so this means so much too me! four words: I. LOVE. GALLAGHER. GIRLS!

      • did she really send you the bag?!?!?!?! i would love 1 And same here iv look diffrent at things not abd wish i had their abilitis

    • i accidently read the second book first by accident so which means i have to start reading the first one rlly quick and also all the other ones. i love every character and so far the boy im loving and hating at the same time is zach but i seriously think once i get to know josh better ill start to like him. ally carter i love ur books ur such a good author!!!!!!!!! :D

      • That’s hilarious you actually read the 2nd book 1st?!?!?!?? Hahaha

        • i actually read the 3rd book first by accident!!!!!!

          • I got the fourth bookk while my school library was giving them away (because the school was moving) and i read that one first on accident so now i need the rest…

      • Omg I read the 2nd book first too lol. I totally get you.

        • Angela Carter says:

          So did I!! I kept trying to get the book on this library app I had, and I accidentally read the 2nd one first! Too bad it spoils it, but once I read an excerpt from it in double crossed (also by ally carter) I decide to read it. Love these books, I’ve read 2nd, 3rd, and 4th books in 3 days! I hope there’s more.

    • Lisa Nguyen says:

      Is Zach in any other books , cause I want him to be !?

    • Is Gallagher Academy a real place

      • I totally wish that Gallagher Academy was real…once I’m rich enough I’m going to make a Hogwarts and a Gallagher Academy based off the books… It’s already on my bucket list to do before I die and I want my last words to be I left a million dollars under the… !P

      • I totally agree it should be a rela school…when I’m rich enough I’m going to build a Hogwarts and a Gallagher Academy based off the books in both series it’s already on my bucket list and right before I die I want my last words to be “I hid the million dollars under the…” !P

    • i agree with all of you I am in fith grade and i love the books she needs to make the sixth book i want to see Cam amd Zach again they are acute couple

    • they should make a movie ot of this i would sooo watch luv ur books btw

      • yeah but it should be legit and like the good books with rotten movies because that would be tottaly NOT
        okay but i still think it would be okay as long as it’s not a knock-off like some move ;)

    • Warisha S. says:

      i soo love the Gallagher Girl books…i cant wait for book 6 and i wish the books will never end. also….my favorite character is Zach,too. He seems so cute,intelligent,and sense full. <3

    • I LOVE GALLAGHER GIRLS!! Ally you seriously need to write more than six. Please! I just finished reading your fifth and came to your website because I wanted to know when the next few in your series came out. But turns out you only plan to do one more. Please do more! Do eight or ten! Please! I am so into this series I am #1 on the hold list to read this book first. I am beging you. Please write more!!!! Please reply Ally if you have any extra time. Thanks!

    • Dear ally I just have to say I just finished your first book ( I would tell you I love you but then I would have to kill you) I love it soooooo much and will be going to get the others tomorrow. such an amazing book by the way you book is on the top 100 books for young adults( the series that is) you are such a talented author.

  2. Allie Ridge says:

    What does each character look like?Macey,Bex, Liz.

    • I wanted to know too!!

      • It would be awesome to know how they look, a picture or something…..

        • the covers dont count because they dont give you their personalities like when I read them I imagine Cam would look pretty but she doesnt know it, Liz would look pretty and kinda geekish, Bex would be Bex I honestly dont know how to describe her but if I did I would have to say she would take on the look of someone who could take anyone in a fight with a mischevious glint in her eye but also a friendly air around her as long as she isnt in fight mode, and last but not least Macey would look like a spoiled rich girl but as the cover of book 3 states ‘ You cant judge a girl by her cover’ ecspesially Macey McHenry ’cause she will pullverise you and anyone else who ticks her off. Trust me they all have a very well qualified backup team.

    • Okay, Macey has long black hair and sapphire eyes, high cheekbones and clear, lightly tanned skin. She is tall and has an awesome figure that would “make a supermodel feel inferior”. Bex Is really muscly and also tall with caramel skin and dark brown eyes and hair. Liz is short, with really light blonde hair and light brown eyes. She is really thin! Hope this helps Allie, Sophie and Christine!

  3. I love your books a lot my friend and I sped through them like they were the very much loved harry potter books. we couldn’t put your books down! I actually just started your new book heist society (I’m almost done!) and I love it! is their anyway that we can buy Gallagher girl uniforms?

    • Charlotte says:

      yh it would be so cool if we could

    • Yeah, My friends and I love your books so much. We even decieded which friend is which person in the books. We figured out that I was most like macy. I really want one of the uniforms. I would wear it all the time.

  4. Yah I just finished the book that first talks about her (Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy) Such a good book! <3

  5. Only finished the first 2 books! They are so good! I read all of the other books’ descriptions. They seem to have a lot of suspense! I LOVE it!

  6. Does the book Heist Society have anything to do with Cammie Morgan or her friends?

  7. Dana Gosha says:

    I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!! i was wondering what made you think of the idea to write books about a spy school… did you come up with the idea?

  8. How did you come up with the Characters, The School, and is their ever going to be movies about this?
    I would love to see Josh drive a forklift into Mr. Solomon.

  9. What is going to happen in GG5? I love these books, so i really want them to come out soon!!! Also, is she going to find out what happened to her father, and if so, with who? Is Mr. Solomon going to survive? Because he was my second favorite character!!! If Mr. Solomon survives, will he go with Cammie, and possibly Zach to finish finding out what happened to her father??? I can’t wait for the next book!!!!

  10. Hey Ally! I love your books……THEIR AWESOME! I’ve read them about ten times each in like a month! You are one of the best writers out there. You’re an awesome role model and I hope all of your books sell like crazy. I have all of them and I can’t wait for OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF TIME. It will probably be the best one yet!

    • I love these books soooo much! I hope you write at least 6 books or more. You are my favorite author. Right now im reading Out of Sight, Out of Time. It’s really good. I cant wait to find out the ending to it. I think Out of Sight, Out of Time is the best one yet!

  11. Ashes ladle says:

    omgh!!!!!! ally i luv ur books….i was at my friends last night she was all exited 2 tell me about her findings!!!….cant wait fr the new book… i hope zak nd cammie find her dad nd find a way to be together!!!!…ps i agree with alyssa i would luv to see josh run into mr soloman with a fork lift!!!!! and i hope mr soloman survives… cant wait!!!

    • Plzz make moe than 6 books write about her future to. the amazing story of Zach and her I beg you

      • I love ur books there so amazing!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASSSE DON’T EVER MAKE THEM MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooo many amazing books have been ruined by movies(to kill a mockingbird is the 1 book that doesnt count)!!! Yes u may make more money but u will loose respect from all of the book lovers from the beginning!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEAASSSE NEVER MAKE A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I love love love these books i had the mistake of not knowing of the first book so i started at book two please write more than 6 books i want to know more about zach and cammie i think you should make movies and i tottally love your books cant wait to read gg5 goodluck writing

        • You think thats bad i began at number 4. never read the books in order. never knew there was one.

          • Omg me 2!! I nvr read them in order two yrs ago j read the second book and lived it. I love to rea and daydream about being a spy weird but true love them

      • I lovelovelove all of the books (the 2nd one is ma fav) and I just read GG5…I loved it but I REALLY wish Cammie got her memory back at the end so she could give like a summary….MAYBE IN THE NEXT BOOK??!! You’re an awesome author…keep up with this series!!!

  12. samantha says:

    i love these books some of the best i’ve read . I think they should make a movie about them to get a picture of what the characters look like (:

  13. I’m like in LOVE with these books. I finished the first one in less than 2 days, and started (and finished) the second one today. My friends and I even have a book club devoted the Gallagher Girls series! Thank you for such AMAZING book, Ally Carter.

  14. I LOVE this series SOOOO much!!
    I would like to see it as a movie, but then the con in that is that whoever gets chosen as the main characters may look NOTHING like their description in the book, and it would ruin our image of cammie and everyone ( i am pretty sure cammy is a dirty blonde , read first chapter of gg5 )
    but anyway this series is SOOOO good ( im puting it up with harry potter )

  15. I am reading the series ( AGAIN :) ) and can’t w8 until tomorrow. the series is still good the second time ( of course it will always be good :) ) i finished gg1 in less than 2 days! :)
    ( GO GG5! )

  16. Hey Ally! I love your books, I have an obsession and I can’t wait until “Out of sight, out of time” comes out! This is one of my favorite series! I can read it and read it and never get bored and I love it. My favorite character is Zach, by far. I really think you should make these books into movies because they are so action packed and good that it would just be so awesome to see them on the big screen! (:

    • Ally it would be awesome if you made the Gallagher series into a series of movies!!!! I read the 5h book in 4 hous and it was amazing!!!!! I would love to see all the books on the big screen!!!! If you do make it a movie will you post about it on here?? And would you post audition places and stuff!? Thanks ally! HUGE FAN!!!

    • I agree!

    • Kallen smith says:

      Zachary and Cammie make a cute couple. Are you going to write more than 6 books because I just finished all the books and I hope there will be more soon?! It is my favorite series ever!!!!! I am crying because there are not anymore books for me to read in this series.

  17. Hey ally! Um I loooove the Gallagher girls series!! Um Will you write about the future of all of the girls? And I know that some books that turn into movies are inaccurate but I would like be SOOOO happy if this series becomes a series of movies! I know it’s unpredictable but hey I can dream! Bye ally! :D

  18. I LOVE these books I’m only in 5th grade and I saw the color of OGSY and it was really pretty and a friend recommended it. Anyway I only read OGSY and DJGC and I’m really angry I’m reading it out of order and I asked my mom to get me all of them and they’re at my bOok fair and I’m getting them. Anyway, wut does Zachary look like? Mysterious and REALLY HOT!!!!! I mean REALLY HOT!!!! I think its interesting when Zachary and Fannie r together. These books should REALLY be a movie!!! I luv u Ally ur awesome!!!

  19. When does the next GG book come out??

  20. I LOVE these books I bought book 5 yesterday and read it all night I have 20 pages left! I love them can’t wait til book 6!

  21. I love the books I wounded what it would be like in a movie. I have all the books they are amazing.

  22. I just finished reading GG 5! It was a very stressful experience! I am only 13 and I’m pretty sure the book made me get my first grey hair! I loved it though! I am very excited for GG 6. I cant wait! I hope everyone else enjoys the book as much as I did! Thank you Ally!

  23. sorry, the 5th! cant wait for the 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I love the books!!!!!! I just finished the 6th one about two minuets ago and it was great. I wondered if Josh was going to come back in the 6th book since he kinda started the whole sneaking out and I should write a report on what i do which people from the circle read leading them to see the whole circus thing. I’d also love ot if someone made it into a movie. I love acting and think it would be cool to play someone like Cammie or even just a Tina Walters kinda person if I ever got a chance!! I think someone should seriously should invest in making this into a film, I just wish it could be me, I have a lot of great ideas but apparently 13 is too young to direct a film and I’m only alowed to middle school plays:(. But what can a girl do.

    • WHAT?????? THE 6th BOOK!!!!!???? IS IT OUT!!!!?????

    • Well i just found out that i am no longer aloud to direct middle school plays because i will not be able to handal people my age( even though i totaly could) so now i am even more sad:( mabey next year i could at least start a acting club but we wouldn’t be able to do plays for an audience. But my hopes of being an actor could still come true. I realy wish those hollywood dumbos would just read the books and realize that this would b a totaly awesome movie that could sell sssooo many tickets even to people who havent read the books. I mean look at that spy kids movie and spy next door they were awesome and everyone knows that the gallagher books are wwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than them. Seriously if i were a millionare i woild tottaly be a producer of this moviw. In fact i’d even go see it in filming processes!!!! I mean really u lazy hollywood producers. Get off ur butt and produce this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I love these book they should be made into a movie. But not one of those movie that
    are way off from the book. They would be fabulos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. what #6 ganna be

  27. Hey I’m in fifth grade and I LOVE these books!!!!!! They’re the best EVER!!!! Way better then Harry Potter. It only takes me a day or two to read them!!! I’m only up to DJGC and I’m starting it tonight and I love reading your books at night. What does everyb

  28. I mean everybody else look like? Like Bex Liz Macey and Zach? This would be a GREAT movie and you should just give it to them since they are too stupid to read the books!!! Anyway love you Ally!!!!! Keep writing!!!! :)

  29. I Agree with Teya That you should make the books into a movie!!! It Would Be SO COOL!!!!! I LOVE the 3 books ive read and i cant wait for my school to get the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  31. What does each character look like??????
    Please right back to me a.s.a.p

  32. Are going to make a 6th book?! Ohhhh, please do I can`t stand being held back like this!

  33. Tiffany Pham says:

    Omg I am like totally your biggist fan ever I totally love the Gallagher girls series so much wait not like I mean am your totally awesome number one fan. Um … So how many books are you going to make and when are they coming out because I totally want to buy the whole entier Gallagher girls book series. I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR WORK. So please tell me how many books you are making in this whole series and when are they coming out please tell me. Just for you information you are like totally my favorite aurthor ever and when I mean are like I mean is. I love your work trully!!!!!!! :D :) ;D ;)

  34. How come in GG1 and GG2 it says that person needs a level 4 clearance to know the truth about gallagher academu, but in GG3 cammie cant tell the truth to the secret service because they only have a level 6 clearance?

    • That’s Ally’s way of saying Gallagher Academy is an extremely secret in the world. I find that funny though because considering how many girls have attended there not even one of them let the secret slip.

  35. Natalie says:

    I just finished reading the whole series, including book five, for the second time! I love your writing and the fifth book exceeded my whole expectations!! I love the whole plot and am really hoping you’ll write about Preston in the sixth books :D Really looking forward for the next book, if they’ll be one!! :D love you ally! and cammie! and bex! and macey! and liz! and zach! and of course, aunt abby and joe solomon!

  36. I just read Out of sight out of time in under 6 hours!! I’m absolutely hooked!! When is the 6th book released?? :D

  37. Elektra says:

    Hi Ally Carter! <3
    I LOVE your books sooooooo much i can NEVER put them down!!! I was wondering what kind of advice would you give to someone about how to write books as AMAZING as the Gallagher ones??? and do you know what you are going to call the 6th one yet??? because i cannot wait to read it!! xxxx

  38. Charlotte says:

    i reaLLY like characters Cammie and Zach and i think the make a really good coupl…..i wish i was Cammie, hav such great friends always there for me.

  39. Charlotte says:


  40. I just finished the 5th book, took me 1 hour 1 minutes and 32 seconds…
    I just love the series and am now trying to find references to it all in earlier books…yes I am obsessed with these books…although who isn’t on this site…




  44. Hey I live in Alaska and there’s tons of snow here haha I can’t put these books down I just finished the 4th GG book agh I can’t wait to see what else happens!!!! My favorite character has to be Bex or Zach…….I have the sample of the 5th bok and it drove me crazy that I couldn’t read on:(:( Totally write mmore than 6 books they keep me entertained LOL

  45. wow ! i’ve just finished reading GG5, it is amazing! well done ! when (aproximatley) is GG6 coming out???

  46. I love the Gallagher books series (lol who doesn’t?) I hope there is more than 6 books and I hope they make ALL books into movies, zack is my fave character!

  47. Jasmine says:

    Gosh I love these books! I just finished the 2nd one and cannot wait to get my hands on the rest! I love Zach, he is hilarious, and I cannot stop laughing after everything he does :D Keep writing the books are amazing!
    These books made me want to go to a school like Gallagher! I wish there is a movie! <3

  48. OMG i loooovvvvvvvve these BOOKS!!!!!! i think i hav a problem tho cuz im 13 and ive been obsessed with soooo many things like josh hutcherson and terra nova and the hunger games but the GG series is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think im gonna die if the 6th book doesnt come out this year PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ DONT MAKE ME WAIT LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES DID!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U ALLY CARTER!!!!

    • Mrs.Róisín Goode says:

      OMG I have the exact same problem as you (getting obsessed with stuff really easy) but this is really freaky cause I have been obsessed with the exact same things as you but also Twilight!!! (Oh AND I’M ALSO 13)

    • same here!!!! love josh hutcherson love jennifer lawrence of course the HG but GG books are boss!!!

  49. Charlotte says:

    Oh my gosh what is it with Zach hes like a girl magnet! Every1 likes him Hes soooooooooo cute!!

    • Ummmmmmmm,did i miss his hair color i hope its blond blond guys are the best.

      • I’ve always imagined zach hair brunette I prefer brunettes. And ally I never read books my mum have been trying to get me to read books for so long and now I can’t put it books down they are sooo good I am waiting 4 the 6th one to come out in England I hope u write more than 6

      • Zach is Brunette, i think, but Josh (from the first book) is blond

  50. I love these books!! Will someone please tell me when book 6 is coming out?? :)

  51. these book are just AMAZING . every single one of them . i can relate with every single character . and zach . omg , he so cute and breathtaking . i can t wait to read the sixth book :D that i have to said . bye

  52. omg that totally true . they should make a movie :D!!!

  53. So I love your books! Ibreally love acting and enjoy seeing my books turn onto movies! When will they be made a movie? Please tell me when auditions are too! Thank you soooooooo much!

  54. BlueEyedTwin says:

    I just want to tell you that your books are amazing! I recently just finished reading the fifth book and it was fantastic. I could not put it down even when someone was trying to get my attention. I can’t wait for the sixth book. It is amazing how you created a whole school of girls who help protect the people of the world. Thank you so much for your books!

  55. Hi Ally i’m from Britain and i love how you got mixed cultures.races and backgrounds e.g.(Bex’s parents are with MI6 but then Macey’s dad is Senator McHenry) I have read all your books an i want you to write more then six please. What happens after they graduate….

  56. sorry there is two i spelled something wrong :(

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  59. Ok, Ally I’m probably the biggest fan ever of the Gallagher Girls series!!!! :) I have just finished reading Book 4 : Only The Good Spy Young about twenty minutes ago and I am still crying cause of the end!!:’( Book 6 cannot be the last book!!!!! I think I would die if there was no more Gallagher Girls!!!! Since I read the start of Book 1 : I’d Tell You I Love You But then I’d Have To Killl You want to be Cammie ‘The Chamelon’ Morgan!!!!<3<3 She's everything I've ever dreamed of being and more!!!! Shes got evrything I've ever wanted ; the life of being a spy, lots of sisters/bestfreinds, an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G boyfreind(Zach!!) and amazing teachers!!!! In a way I can sort of relate to how she feels being invisible all the time cause I feel the same way too!!!!xxxx Anyways since I started reading Book 2 : Cross My Heart & Hope To Spy I was wondering : Wouly you ever consideer making The Gallagher Girl Series into movies??? If so please let me know!!!!!!!! It would be my dream to play Cammie 'The Chamelon' Morgan if you did!!! :D It would be my absoloute dream and I would never let you down!!! :D So please let me know what you think!!!! :D I love you Ally!!!! and one more thing ; when is Book 5 coming out in Ireland??:) :) :) :) :) <3<3<3 :D:D:D xoxoxoxox

    • Mrs.Róisín Goode says:

      It’s out now and if you don’t already have it you can borrow it off me ’cause us Irish girls need to stick together :D

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  73. Ashley Beattie says:

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    very very hearty congratulations on the “GALLAGHER GIRLS” series. i loved all of them too much…they all are incredible…..
    and like all the readers here and around the world i m dying to read the 6th of the series!!!!!
    so my question to you is “WHEN IS THE 6th BOOK COMING??”
    my request is take your time but not much!!
    ‘coz you took time before too and made such a brilliant series……
    so don’t let time affect the quality please……but don’t kill us waiting too……..
    here i m going to congratulate you for “heist society series” too…..good job there too……
    congratulations again……..

  75. Ally,
    Oh my gosh i love your books ! You are an amazing writer and i hope that you write more gallagher girl books in the near future. Ps, I have read all 5 books and hope to read the 6th, or any other books you write.Love your books,

  76. Dear Ally,
    I know that you get about 1,000+ post and emails a day, but i want you to now that EVERYONE who read the gg series loves your books and cannot wait to read your 6 book. another annoying fan,

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  78. I Love Zach! He is like the best! I think if he was real I would be all over him! Wait was he based upon anyone??? I was a little worried in the 4th one (meaning I cried) but that was the worst ever but i was screaming when i found out what really happened! (I’m trying not to spoil it) <3 Zach Goode!!!!

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    I know you must at least get a little bit “annoyed” with all the fan stuff. But the only reason y we do all of this is becasue we love u!! :) Now, ever since 2nd grade I’ve always wanted to be a spy, a detective,or in the FBI. When I started reading your books it made me feel like my dream was possible. :) I do agree with the others that say you should write more than 6 books. But, it probably puts a lot of stress on u. So I know all of your fans would understand. I REALLY DO WISH THAT GG SERIES WOULD NEVER END!!! YOUR BOOKS ARE AMAZING!! CONGRATS!! I have question do you know when 6th book is coming out? I am also a huge fan of heist society and uncommon criminals!! I hope you luck on all the coming books that you r going to write!

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    • Hey Bianca!
      where do you live? I live in Canada and they have only one the books. Only the Good Spy Young.
      Not sure about Ross…
      Target has all of her books…(:
      Hope that helps!

    I soooo want there to be more than 6, but if not PLEASE WRITE AN EPILOGUE at the end of 6!!
    I need to know what happens, THANK YOU AND KEEP WRITING! :)

    I soooo want there to be more than 6, but if not PLEASE WRITE AN EPILOGUE at the end of 6!!
    I need to know what happens, THANK YOU AND KEEP WRITING! :)

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  87. Ignore me, brain has ceased function.

  88. I need to get past 2 other people on the list of holds for my library because I was not aware that Ally wrote another book. (Me being nonsocial and such.) Thank goodness the GG5 wasn’t the last one! I thought the end was just that cliffhanger.

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  91. When is the 6th GG book coming out?
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  92. Ally: you should write summer cammie’s journal

  93. Hi Ally!

    I just finished the 5th book in this series. I love it! Zach is my favorite, but is Josh gonna be in the last one? And I also love Preston! I got sort of excited when they mentioned. “back together again.” I was wondering if Preston likes Cam. Are you going to write more books in the series besides the 6th book? I can’t stand to have it end! I was so sad when I thought the 5th book was the last and the series! When I read your autobiography, it said, “cooking up more adventures for the Gallagher Girls.” I was so happy, I started screaming. Seriously. So after that, I was like, “Must check the website!” And now, I’m here! Oh! Are there any trailers for the last four book on youtube? I want to fave them and keep the links forever! The 6th book is going to come out in 2 years right? I am pretty sure, because I checked all the books and it says, “Copyright (c) Ally Carter 2008″ and then, “Copyright (c) Ally Carter 2010″ and now, “Copyright (c) Ally Carter 2012″ Well, I must tell you, I love you and the series! You are so good! Are you going to write another series about the Gallagher Girls? With the same characters or in Cammie’s friends’ points of view? That what Rick Riordan did isn’t it? Please tell me your not going to end the series at book 6! I love you and your series too much!!

    ~ Renee

  94. Is Gallagher Academy real???!?!?!??!?!
    I must know if such a place really exists!(:
    Oh, and if it doesn’t, does another school similar to Gallagher Academy exist? What did you base the school off of? I’ve always dreamed of this kind of sisterhood and I wanted to know if you could tell me….

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  98. Fabiana says:

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  99. Does any one know if there will be a book 6 I really hope there is and then I relly hope there is more does any on know????????? And will they make movies xxxx

    • There is defiantly going to be a 6th GG book she said she will start wrapping up Heist 3 sometime this week or next then take a little break then start working on the 6th GG book within the next few weeks she still does not know when it will be relised yet. She said that she thinks she will only write six, she does not want to keep writing if 6 will sum up the books. She is almost positive that there will be no movie she does not have the money or the connections to make it happen. Just in case u were wondering I got all this info from a question and answer e-mail from Ally.

      • Thanks for this info, i was acctuall about to start reading heist but im pretty sad that there wont be a movie, it would’ve been great if there was one!!!

  100. Courtney says:

    I absolutely LOVE this series! I’ve been reading it since 6th grade and am no a junior in high school and they still appeal to me! I started reading Out of Sight Out of Time tonight at 6 pm and finished it in one night at 11 pm. By far my favorite in the series! Will there be a 6th? I hope so! I want to see the girls (and Zach♥) kick some major Circle butt!

  101. Courtney says:

    i love zack allly please write a 6th and make a movie love you zackkkkk

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    I was also wondering ‘if a movie was made of this, it would be absolutely amazing!’
    But i really, really, really want to read the next book, and thats saying something because i hate reading, so if the book came out i would be EXTREMELY grateful!!!

  103. Hi Ally, Fifth book great, I didn’t guess all the twists and turns like I do with most books which made it so much more interesting. I understand that sometimes it is best not to try to stretch the story too much, but I am hoping and praying you get some inspriation for more than six books because I don’t want this series to end. I am in the UK and love the books, I have read quite a lot, but that last book completely blew me away, could not put it down!! Just a thankyou really for writing the Gallagher Girls!! x

  104. Dear Ally,

    I was very inpressed by your books. Take it from someone who spends all of her time reading, they were very good. No book has ever made me feel as close to the character as your books did. I am a fan, but I’m not one of the crazy ones. *No offense to those of you who are.* I really do agree on some of the comments above saying that these books should be made into movies. However, what many people don’t know it that it is out of your range of expertise, as we all well know that that is being an extraordonary writer. As most authors do, you will have the first notification if any director will try to make these amazing books into unforgetable movies, so if you do, will you please put a schedual out for things like auditions to be the characters, places the auditions might be held, and release dates for the movies. I think I speak for a lot of people on this web page when I say that we would all love to have the chance to be the amazing chameleon, bookworm, duchess, peacock, or any of the others at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Weomen.

    Yours truly,
    Kerry Ann

    Post script: Do they hold auditions for movies in every state of the continental U.S.? Becaust that would be better for me since I am in Louisiana.

    • Mrs.Róisín Goode says:

      And here i am in Ireland knowing that there is no way Ally or auditions are ever gonna come my way :(

  105. Jenny Jenninhs says:

    OMG I am like totally in luv with this series I got the first and second from the library.

    5 words

    It is a-ma-zing

    Ally, have u ever thought wha could happen if the series became a film
    A movie might not be a bad idea at all

    I just wannna say


    I I I \ /
    I I I \ /
    I I I \ /
    I I I \ /
    I I I \ /
    I I I I I I I I I \_______/ \/


  106. michelle says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LUV YOUR BOOKS ALLY CARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I borrowed OSOT( Out of sight Out of time). Love how you created the plot! In DJGC Cammie thinks that The Circle of Cavan is after Macey (gily’s descendent) but they are really after Cammie! I LOVE those books! I read GG2-5. My mom said I couldn’t read GG1. I 1st knew about the gallaher girls books by readin DJGC. I really never thought about GG until I saw OGSY.
    LOVE YOUR BOOKS ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. I loved all of the books! Just finished the 5th and cant wait for the 6th! Wish there was more than 6! Book 2 was deff my fave!

  108. i luv the gg series!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav characters are pretty much all the good guys, even agent townsend. but mostly cammie and zach. though i feel bad about the whole josh thing, he was super sweet, nice, and really cute but zach’s meant for cammie. zach is so cool and totally dreamy. i dont regret wut happened but i regret josh getting hurt. i read all five books in about three days and cant wait for the sixth!!!!(i hope they’ll be more than six ) :) P.S abby and agent townsend should totally date and rachel shoul have joe solomon i really wish i were a spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. this should definintly be a movie :)

  110. Veronica says:

    Dear ally carter.. I’ve read your fifth book, and I’ll tell you the truth I was disappointed in the very start, but then I started loving the fifth book. I hope Cammie stays with Zach. And I’ve started writing my one books last year, and I have to say writing, being an artist, or reading is my life. I hope the sixth book is really good. thanks for deciding to make this series!:) I still don’t know how you did it, but they are addicting.

  111. Brianna says:

    I am super depressed. these are my favorite books in the entire world. I have all 5 and I am a member on the Gallagher Academy website. only six?!?! I’m going to go crazy. Do you think you could make another series, like maybe exactly like this one?(;
    I love Zach. A lot. And there’s so much I want to know about him. So I was wondering if you would consider writing the books from his point of view. I think they would be amazing. PLEASE CONSIDER IT!!!!!! I would absoloutley live them. and you. yet I already do. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!

    -it would also be awesome from Bex or Mr. Solomon’s point of view.


  112. Why is one of the Supporting spy girls ned mick Morrison in the first 3 books but in “only the good spy young” yet call her Mack Morrison? Was it a mistake or is she new? I got confused.

  113. Melissa says:

    Ummm im going to start reading the series! :) I hope its good!

  114. Michelle says:

    Hey… um does any body know who poses on each book??

  115. i LOVE the gallgher girls series, when i found out there were only going to be 6 i swear i almost started crying

  116. i was wondering if you knew if there is going to be a gallagher girl book 6 because i am dying, waiting to know!!!!!!!!! i love the five books that are already published and need to know what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  117. These books were reccomended to me by a friend last week I got them all started reading book one at nine and didn’t stop untill I finished five:) please don’t stop at six make twenty!!!!!

  118. Is there gonna be movies for the books?

  119. These books are the reason I became such a bookworm, I recommended them to my friends and the same thing happens to them. I love the all the books that I’ve read and I can’t wait for the rest

  120. I just finished GG5 and I read the authors thing in the back and was wondering if you really are writing a GG6 ….. I finished reading it in July,2012 anyways, you imPlied that you were writing another one so yeah.

    Thank you,

  121. Hi,
    On the back of the paperback copies it says something about the show by Disney but I don’t know for sure


  122. Hi!!!

    I love your books! Just finished GG5, i read the whole series in 4 days!! could not put it down.
    if your not writing more than six book definitely write a spin off book with info about 5 years later or something:)
    pleeeeeeeeeease let cammie and zach be together!!!!!!

    and i was just wondering if the heist society books are as good as the GG series???

    • Heist society are amazing books. They r right up there with the gg series

      • i havent reade them are they really good the heist society books?

        • Read them and you’ll find out!!!!!!!!!

          Also, have you read the novella double crossed?
          are kat and Hale going to be attending gallagher?
          that would be cool if Zach got to be best buds with W.W.Hale the fifth
          they could be enemies or they could be the next Mr. solomon and Cammie’s dad kinda buds
          and kat and cammie could be like totally amazing
          i would love that

          -ruby officially trying to continue the gg series- (is that a good idea?)

  123. To Ally,
    I love reading your books, I’ve only read 3 so far because I’ve yet to wait for the fourth book to come through the post. I just bought it online and can’t wait to read it, I already have the fifth book and I can’t wait until you write a sixth book. I love the idea of a school for spies because that’s what I wanted to be when I was little. I love the character Cammie and I think I’m like her, I’m shy and tend to be quiet and go un-noticed. That’s all I have to say and I just hope you write more about Cammie and her friends. xo

  124. OMG! THESE BOOKS R SOOO AMAZING! i just started reading them and i finished GG books 1-5 in like 5 days! haha! they r soooo great and i hope u enjoy writing them :) best of luck and also do you know when the 6th book comes out? also i hope there r more than 6 books. i dont want it to end! also i think cammie should stop pulling away from zach! soon enough shes going ot loose him if she doesnt! well best of luck to you and your writing!~ u rlly r amazing! :D~

  125. michelle says:

    I luv your books ally!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooo cool that you thought of a spy school for girls! Did u know my school headmaster’s last name is gallagher?! SOOOO WEIRD!!!! :) :D by the way what is GG6′s title??? I think u should make a movie for each of these books!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe a epilouge ( did i spell it correct?) for each charater?

  126. i love your books wooohhooo

  127. Alyssa W. says:

    I have read all 5 books in exactly 3 hours and 17 minutes. My mom gets kinda annoyed because I always talk about the books. What I want to know is, when will the 6th book come out? I like Zach more than Josh, so does my best friend. Zach seems to be the more favored charecter, Josh was sweet but couldnt be with Cammie. However Zach is an asasin so he can be with Cammie, but not only that, Zach has a sense of humor and tends to sweep cammie off her feet. I think the sencond and the fourth books are my favorites.

  128. Love all the books, they are just brilliant. Always picking them up and rereading them. Cant wait for book six’s really want to know what happens next espicially with Cammie and Zack!!!. It would be fantastic if these books became films i would pay to see and buy them!!!!

  129. I just finished all the books in 3 days, & i absolutely love em, wish they turned it into a movie, but i dont think it could ever b made as well as the book, cant wait for the 6th book!! Zach is soo cool!

  130. There’s only six books? Drat! That’ll only take three days for me to read! I can’t believe I actually like this series, though I’ve only been able to read Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover. I also like A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, School Of Fear, Hunger Games, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Jane Eyre, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Through The Looking-Glass, Harry Potter, Pride And Prejudice, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Great Expectations. I do nothing but read, write, draw, make To-Read lists, and wonder how in the world I can discovered as an actress. The Gallagher Girl Series should be made into a series of movies, in three years, though. Ally Carter (what a great pen name, it’s really catchy, like Lemony Snicket), you should post when/where auditions will be held, so the Gallagher Fan Girls that can act are able to audition [if the books are made into movies].

  131. omg these books r amazing i have just finshed gg5 and i blocked everyone around me out while i read it! i can’t wait for book 6!
    i tried other spy series but there no way near as good!
    cause just when you think things can’t get any worse for cammie they do! like when Dr Steve told her to j**** ( won’t write the word cause it’s a mega spoiler alert for people who haven’t read it !!)
    i can’t wait for book 6 cause i’ve been left with a cliffhanger !!

  132. When will the sixth book come out, cause I am iching to know what happens in the last book. I loved the books so much I read them all in one day ( it was a long day).

  133. oh my gosh, i am so happy that i found this website like every one else that commented i <3 the Gallagher books, i thought i was going crazy. being ubsesd with your books i have them on audio books and i have lisend two books 1-4 at least 9 times in the past year and i just finished listing to the 5th book for the third time. non of my friends had herd of the books in tell i told them, i am so glad that there are people that love your work as much as i do. i feel invisible allot and this is the first time i have ever bean so ubsesed with a book before i was one of the winners for the Gallagher girl costume contest. I am so glad i'm not crazy, (i'm not crazy am i :) ) i am a writer myself i have a dream of publishing my first book at 15. i am only 12 and i have already started writing. but i am having trouble thinking of a good hook. how do you think of your ideas, writers block isn't fun. i know there are so many comments but if i could get your advice it would mean the world to me. i know its hard to keep writing but if u could please don't stop at six books!!!! Maybe you could make one more about the summer after, or maybe you could change the narration to a newbie and keep going from there. i hope you see this and i hope you can help, love one of your biggest Fans. P.s. i have dyslexia and cant't spell very well in case i miss spelled something.

  134. Orla, i cried at the end of the 4th book too!

  135. How soon will you write a sixth Gallagher Girls book? I have read all five of them in a row… And I cannot wait for Cammie’s next adventure in the sixth book. (:

  136. When is gg book 6 coming out??

  137. Just curious, why did you write the first book about josh but then made it so cammie breaks up with him and starts crushing on Zach instead?




  141. whats the name of the 6th book


  143. Cassie Simone says:

    Hey Ally I Really LOVE your gallagher girl books I can’t wait for the 6 one to come out! PLZ PLEASE PLZ have Zach and Cammie stay together in the end. I really hope your books go into movies! I would love to have Cammie’s life! My favorite characters are Zach,Cammie, and Bex! I can’t wait to read more cute Zach and Cammie moments! Did I mention that I REALLY want them to be together in the end!!!! They are sooooooo perfect together!!! Can’t wait for the 6 book!!!

  144. emily augello says:

    hey ally why do the uniforms change colour in each book. is that important for the book thanks…….emily. australia

  145. i love all carter is the best but i wish she would name a character after me

  146. i love all carter is the best but i wish she would name a character after me i love yey

    and i have recently been on telly so awesome hey


    • Well I guess it’d be exciting for a movie, but I don’t want Hollywood to ruin another great book. They’ve ruined so many already. *GASP* Idea just flashed through my mind.

  148. I love your books! I have read them and listened to them about a hundred times. My friends think I am crazy.

  149. Did cammi and zach end up running off together cause at the end she says she has to do it alone, cause whoever shes around gets hurt. So did they end up together

    • JUST RE-READ IT AND THEN READ GG5 if you’re still confused. It states pretty clearly at the end of the fourth book that she’s leaving ALONE. She doesn’t tell anyone, so how would Zach know to go with her? Huh?

    • Oh, and it’s Cammie. I hate when people spell things wrong just ’cause they’re lazy. AND I hate when people misuse their, they’re, and there!! AGH!

  150. Oh my gosh!!!! I am so addicted to your Gallagher Girls series. They are awesome. I whiz through a book per day! I can’t stop reading them. I hope you will write more because they are amazing!!!!!!!

  151. HELLO!! So I thought it was so unfair that everyone else was just beginning to discover the GG series and I’d already read 1-3 and had to wait for 4,5,+ now 6!! AGH! One of my friends even said she’ll just start it after the sixth comes out. I’m like, SERIOUSLY?! Gosh darn it, girl, I don’t wanna be the only one waiting!

  152. I started the series when I entered 6th grade, because my friend was reading them. It became a competition between me and several of my friends who could get to the library and get the next book, because out library only has one copy of each book. We all counted down the days until GG 5 came out, and we all used every spare moment to read it. I also love how all the covers have the different uniforms, and I especially love the cover outfit for Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover. So, I’ve been reading this series for quite awhile, and I can’t wait for GG 6! <3 :)

  153. I absolutely love the GG series. I can’t stop thinking about how dreamy Zach is… He’s totally mysterious enough to make Cammie go insane. I think that Cammie needs an ultimatum on the lives of one of her friends. That would be a huge thriller.

  154. petra anembom says:

    This book is soooooooooo good. Ally when will you write book 5. It could be about what happens to the circle when they get captured, if they get capture and what happens to Dr. Steve. And what happens to zack and Cammie.


  156. I love these books so much!!!! I’m in total love with the cammie and Zach relationship!!! Zammie forever!!! Secondly you need to write books in this series and like uh never stop!! Please like I can’t get enough of reading about the gallagher girls.

  157. I’ve loved all the books so far read GG5 in six hours! When is the sixth book coming out? I’m so desperate i’m rereading all of the others.

  158. This question literally only just popped into my head, but are there going to be films for the Gallagher Academy series? It seems a good enough idea and fitting enough….. Also I keep getting the idea of Josh being a bad guy despite that we know he is not – I just can’t stop thinking that the sweet boy he is might turn a bit sinister. And I think I only just remembered from when I first started reading your books that Gallagher is my nans maiden name :)


    • I agree about the whole Josh thing, I don’t want him to be a baddie but it just keeps popping up. I think Zach is brilliant for Cammie, better fit than Josh.

  159. is the heist society worth reading? and is it better than the GG books?

  160. When is book 6 coming out?! I really wish you would make more than 6 books! Or you could due another series but from Zach’s point of view! I can’t wait until GG6 comes out! I’ve read all the books 3 times each they are amazing!

  161. molly watson says:

    OMG I love your books so much i have only read 2 but im getting sucked in already you are definitely by all time Favourite author

  162. does anyone knows when the GG6 is coming out ?!?!? i sooooo cant wait for it !!! i read all the 5 books in a week <3 just in love with them <3

  163. OK so like I feel weird because I’m a guy and I’m reading these books, but they are so good. Also I’m super depressed because my sister has read them all but I can’t find GG4 (Only the Good Spy Young) and I can’t read GG5 before it.

    • Mrs.Roisin Goode&a not-so-trained monkey says:

      Don’t feel weird. Where do you live?If you live in Ireland (unlikely, I know) I could lend them to you cause I live there and have them all. Don’t think I’m being stalkerish! I’m just trying to be helpful!

  164. Is there going to be a movie t.v series at all I think that would be awesome I saw the new
    Movie trailer for the 5 one but is there going to be a movie for every
    book? U rock<3 :) please write more than 6 or I'll be stuck reading silly or stupid books

  165. hi i am ashamed to say i have only read the first 2 books and i really can not wait to get the others but i dont understand does zach come back in the other 3 books???? also i would really love for the series to carry on DONT STOP AT 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXX

  166. I have only read two books Cross my heart and hope to spy and don’t judge a girl by her cover the first one wasn’t
    Available at my school at the time when I finally got it it was hard to get into so i didn’t read it but I’m working on getting the 5&6 :)

    P.s. cross my heat and hope to spy was the best I love zach does he come back?

    • Hey, so i havnt even read your book yet, just reading the back, first chapter, and all the comments has made me wat to read it! I hope you enjoy writing and write more book for this series beecuase I cat wait to read the! :)

  167. Emily & Asia says:

    We are madly in love with the Gallagher girls series!!! :)
    Oh and btw which one is cuter Zach or Josh??? You should know :) and will you PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE!!!

  168. I feel silly that i am reading these books because i’m a guy
    I love these books
    I hope there will be a movie
    When I walk in the theatre I will feel so weird
    I have read LYKY and CMH
    I want a 7th book!

  169. Oh my god! u need to get someone to make movies for this!!!!!!!!! this is totally the type of movie i’d love to watch. PL ZZZzZ PLZ HAVE A MOVIE FOR EACH BOOKKKKKK PLZZZZZ

  170. Dear Ally,
    I really truly love your books. I speak for myself AND my friends when I say you are one of the best writers EVER. We fantasize about being a spy and true love. We have even tried making our own Girls School for Spies. My friend is going to be a writer some day. She doesn’t know it yet but I do. Your books have inspired her and just for fun she is writing it the opposite way. Four girls at an all guy school for boys, but there’s a twist. The girls don’t know they’re spies and EVERYONE has “match”. I just wanted you to know that you have definitely touched my heart in a way you can’t even imagine.
    Kayla (I’m 11 going on 12. 19 days!!!)
    PS In the book one of the main characters is Alana. She goes by her nickname… Ally (I just made the connection!)

  171. Hi Ally! I have read all o the Gallagher girls series and am dying for #6 to come out! I would like to know when its coming out. Thanks. I think your a great author and I hope you make them in to movies. P.S. are they planning on making a movie? Love, Gabby

  172. When will the 6th book be out??????

  173. Hey, Ally. I LOVE your work! I can’t wait for book six!

  174. When does book number 6 come out in the United States?

  175. Thank you soooo much for writing these books! They are so amazing! I read ALL of them in less than three days. No kidding. I love them! And thank you for NOT making a movie/show. I would DIE if it wasn’t how I imagined it. I hope that you continue to write, and that you make more than just six. I understand you have other series to work on, but this one is so worth it. We all love them, and hope for Cammi, Bex, Liz, Macey, and Zach. Thanks for making such a great series! I love em.

  176. This is like impossible but u never know:
    Dear Ally,
    It would be awesome if the last book of the GG series(hopefully never-ending) could be like a trillion pages long, that way, I can have somethong amazing to read wherever I go. I love the GG series and I love Zach and Cammie. It would be a miracle if this actually happened and keep up the amazing work! We love you Ally!

  177. I don’t read a lot. But then I’ve been reading till 1 every morning just to finish the Gallagher Girls series — during the exam period! I didn’t know how I handled that but these books are truly page-turners. I love Zammie<3 they're sooo cuteee:* thanks for giving me this awesome reading experience. And to be honest, I even dreamed about the scenes in the story! And I seriously hope that this series will never ever end<3 or maybe (as you mentioned you'd probably only write six books, which is sad) the last book should last a lot longer or something. It would also be an awesome idea if these books are adapted into movies (with the prettiest model on the front cover as Cammie):D I'm so excited! (Okay so you see how I NEED those movies).
    Thanks loads Ally! We love you!<3

  178. jessenia hernadez says:

    is the gallgher academy actually real!!! ilove your books i wish i could meet you one day you are so cool!!!

  179. shirly chen says:


  180. Hey first off I would like to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GALLAGHER GIRLS SERIES LOL anyways I want to know what happens to Zach at the end on the don’t judge a girl by her cover because I just finished it and I can’t figure it out lol I love your books sooo much you are an amazing writer !!!!

  181. Please reply! Is the Gallagher girl school a real place and if so how do u in roll?

  182. Please reply! Is the Gallagher girl school a real place and if so how do u in roll? Also please tell me if there’s a way to learn all that stuff if the school isn’t real.

  183. Will there be a Gallagher Girl book 6? If so when do you think the release date will roughly be?

  184. Where can you find a Gallagher Academy uniform?? My friends and I have tried to find them for forever!

  185. Does anyone know when the 6th GG book is coming out?
    I know she’s working on it, but i thought t would be out by now.

  186. I finished these books with In 2 days! but last night I finished the 5th one in 1 day!! I love those books. they are the best I’ve ever read and always will be. I was reading the book double crossed and at the very end I saw that the next book in the Gallagher Girl series would be coming out in Semotember 2013 (this year.) does any one know a specific date? I really would love if there were more than 6! I’m hooked and never want the books to end! I would recommend these books to any one! I SO would watch the movies or t.v series if they ever make them! I think it would be interesting to see these books com alive, and to see what Zach, Cammie, Bex, Liz, ETC. look like. My favorite characters would have to be Zach and Cammie. I love Zach because he is so mysterious, but it’s obvious he is in love with Cammie. I haven’t read any other books by Ally Carter except double crossed, and the Gallagher Girls series. I know enough by the 6 books I’ve read that she is a wonderful author! Ally please make more than 6 books in the Gallagher girl series!

  187. Hi! I am still in love with this series .
    But just a tip for the next book, make it more romantic. A mean who doesn’t like a good romance?
    I started recommend ing these books to my friends and there loving it.
    But i don’t understand in out of sight and out of time what did thy find that made
    Cammie and abby so upset right before Mr.Solomon woke up? Something about Cammies dad i think.
    Please reply and tell me what made them so upset .

    • can’t thats a big spoiler try to reread the part before they got back to school

      • Thanks for replying- but trust me, I’ve read it about 40 times. All i understood was that they were digging in the dirt and were really disappointed. pleasell me it wound be a spoiler if i read it all ready

        • i don’t what others who read this to know what happens if they havent read it yet cause its a HUGE spoiler to them. look at what cammie is talking about she says ____ down there”
          they also say it in anotther part of the book when shes talking to a the teacher in her room

    • It was cams dads grave

  188. I meant please tell me. Not sell me!

  189. I think it was in the last book where Cammie said she saw Bex and Zack getting kinda close or something which was when they finally found her after she left looking for her dad. What I wanna know is that did zack and bex start liking eachother or somehing? Please answer me back am dying to know!!

  190. these are the best books ever you should like never stop writing them because they are just sooooooooo good!

  191. I NEED TO KNOW IF THERE’S A 6TH BOOK COMING OUT! I’m a major fan of the Gallagher girls books, I’ve read all of them around 5 fives and only got them a few weeks ago. I would love to see more of Cammie and Zach’s relationship. See if Bex, Liz and Macy get a boyfriend (well see Macy get Preston) and it would be a good twist if you see the blackthrone boys again.( Jonas and Grant in particular) in the sixth book. There’s like a million ideas for the last book(I hope its not the last) I can think of. Ally Carter you need to make these books into movies! Please make more than 6 books and make movies because these books are amazing.

    • Cora, there will be a 6th book coming out towards the end of this year. I agree it would be great to have these books as movies, but I admit I would be severely disappointed if they aren’t what I expect. We’ll just have to see.

  192. chelsea singh says:

    please make a movie for each one i love the gallagher girls series there needs to be a movie if your stopping up to six pleases i love your books

  193. I almost fainted when I found out about double crossed. Then for my luck found it on amazon for free. Amazing idea combining GG and heist society. Hope Ally makes loads more spy and thief books they’re amazing.

  194. I don’t understand double crossed? It starts with the hostages and the end. Then all of a sudden it goes onto the first chapters of the the 1st heist society and the 1st GG book … I really confused?? I think there’s a problem with my kindle ? if anyone’s read it please could you answer with what it was like for you .

  195. Just in case u need it to be cleared up for u “to Bo determined” means she hasn’t come up with a name for the book yet.
    I LOVE the Gallagher girls series I read all the books in like 4months and I’m hooked I can’t wait at all for the 6th book to come out and I think someone should make a movie but they shouldn’t ruin the books by making the characters look different from their descriptions. And Zach is totally my fave character because he’s so mysterious!

  196. I just started reading this series a few days ago and I have read 2 books. I LOVE them. Where is this school cuz I’m a sixth grader and I would soooo enroll if it was real. Reading these books make me want to join the CIA. Plus, I love plaid skirts.

  197. OMG!!! I finished all the heist society novels, including perfect scoundrel and i finished reading all the gallagher girls series including out of sight and out of time!!! Does anyone know when the 6th book coming out!!! I also think that Josh is gonna tell Cammie that he still has a crush on her, since he keeps acting weird when they meet. And remember he looked sad when he saw Zack and Cammie almost kissing….that waould be such a twisttt!!!

  198. Dylan McCabe says:

    Hi Ms. Carter! I was just wondering if there will be a GG6 coming out? I’m a big fan of the books, as is everyone else on here, and I would just like to say that you are an inspiration to me. All of your books are just so well written and exciting! You make me want to become an even better writer. Every book I read, I always pull techniques and styles and the way they write and do things, and make it my own. All in all, you just inspire me to do my best and to become the writer and person I want to be. Thank you so much for creating this awesome world I like to live in and to escape to!

  199. Tshellsea says:

    Are you still going to continue with the Gallagher Girls series? I love both the Heist Society & GG series but it seems like your first priority is HS and GG has fallen to the sidelines .-.

  200. I love the gg series I’ve read each book 6 times at least. I can’t wait for book number six. Is Zach and Cammie are my favorite character I almost feel like I know them. I’m obsessed so thank you Ally!

  201. Just want to say, I started your books when I was 20 I am now 24 and still love to read these books. I work with k-8th grade children and recommend these books all the time! I CANNOT WAIT TIL GG6! I am about to start Heist. The excerpt from GG5 was awesome.

  202. OMG I’m obsessed with the Gallagher Girls Series. Best series I have ever read. I was just wondering if and when there will be a sixth book.

    • Yes
      Ally posted that she is doing the drafts of the sixth book
      some fans say #6 will be out september this year, while other say next year
      whatever happens, i was born to read and read and read
      out of all the books i have read in my lifetime, i would think your books are amazing
      they turn even the most reluctant reader into full- time bookworms
      like lizzie level bookworms

  203. Hi Ally,
    I’m a really big fan of the Gallagher girls. I have not stopped thinking about what the next book would be like. please write a 6th and a 7th and more..
    You are my favourite author. Please come to Auckland, New Zealand if you ever get the time to do so.. I really want to meet you in person..
    I just rad the heist and Gallagher collaboration and I thought it was genius, are you going to make a whole story of that?
    I love your ideas and characters especially Cammie and Zach.(I’m team Zammie all the way!!!)
    Will you ever include the rest of the boys at Blackthorne in your next story?


  204. When are you planning on releasing the title of the 6th book? Please be soon.

  205. JeAnne-Love says:

    I LOVELOVELOVE the gallagher girls! will there be a 6th book? or is there already one? i’ve been on the edge of my seat since last year to read it!!!

  206. Camryn K. says:

    When do you think you will be able to write GG6.

  207. Kaitlyn Jones says:

    Hello Mrs. Carter,
    I was wondering when their would be a GG6. I know you must be working on it, but can we get the tinist bit of idea when it will be coming out? Please? Thanks!

  208. Nicole says:

    the GG6 book is coming out in September!

    • I have read all five and loved them all. I hate that I have to wait for the sixth one to come out. My birthday is in September so maybe I’ll get it for my b-day.


  210. makayla says:


  211. makayla says:


  212. cant wait until the sixth book comes out love it all so so so much
    new career change i told my parents that i want to be in the CIA
    thank you ally c !!!

  213. Emma star says:

    My school had a reading project. And our teacher chose me and some other girls, to read your book I’d tell you i love you but then i’s have to kill you. It was amazing now me and my group are reading all the Gallagher Girls books. We can’t wait till you sixth book comes. WE ARE NOW HUGE FANS! thank you for making the books.

  214. I love the Gallagher Girls series! I am reading the fifth book right now! My sixth grade teacher introduced me to the series. We love Zach… but what happened to Josh? He was such an important character in the first book but after that, he is barely there. So me and my teacher were thinking that maybe Josh finds out that she is a spy and accidently gives her whereabouts away into the wrong hands and then Josh is taken captive for further information. So Cammie has to go on a mission to save Josh while making sure that no one sees her. But by the time she gets there, it is already too late and now, Cammie feels guilty for not being there on time but she also has to deal with the decision of letting word out of Josh’s death some how but risk losing her position or hiding the secret and therefore leading to suspension and possibly a search party. She has no help with her situation, not even from her friends. There is also the fact that if she doesn’t stop moving and changing identities, she will be captured. Things she has are the clothes on her back and all other supplies must be stolen. But through certain things stolen from the Circle, she realizes Josh is deeper into the organization then even he realized.
    ….. Just a scenario.

    • there should toes be a book where its like 5 years later and there all married, bex liz macey cammie(with of corse zach!!) and there all brought together once more to save…um…something!

  215. there should totes be a book where every one is married, bex liz macey and cammie …with of corse zach! and they are all brought together to save something! josh is there because he is now a spy but he still has feelings for Cam!

  216. I would just like to say, I have read the series so many times, I also think the 6th book should be set after they have al left GA and they are all reunited, josh should be the one in some sort of trouble, or he remembered that they are all spy’s and told a lot of people, that’s just my view but I would love to a new book and I am a really big fan x

  217. oh dear, i am reading these books way to fast, what am i going to do until the next book comes out September. Getting my mom to buy them me and saying “I promise i’ll pay you back when i get a job” and still she only got me book 1 and 2 and 3rd one tomorrow :D roll on September 5th<3

  218. is zach god or bad

  219. OMG! i need a 6th book!!! i think i might die! the books r amazing! hope theres gonna be a 6th 1!! they are so cool, i read them all in 2 days and now my mum thinks im mad! Ally, i love u, ur totaly awesome!

  220. Hi! I recently reread this series and thought something was missing. I thought about it and I think I remember reading a part where Cammie had to pretend to be the dead daughter of a crazy old inventions professor. Am I going crazy, did I somehow skip that part, was that part taken out somehow, that was a different book, or something else?

    • Hi Amelia, I don’t remember that in the book, but then again I don’t have the best memory. And at the last part I don’t think she is either. I think she just thinks it would be the best for people she loves.

      XOXO, Alyse

  221. Hello again! Quick question. In the book Out of Sight, Out of Time, in the end with the whole roof scene, is Cammie crazy or drugged? Sorry if I missed that in the book. Thanks! :)

  222. Ally I read your Gallagher Girls series and your Heist Society series also. I really can’t wait for GG #6 to come out in September!! I’ve been reading one book per day (depending on how busy I am) but I love your books! Never ever stop writing!!! You definitely have a gift!!

  223. I absolutely love this series! It shows a whole new light on independent girls! I literally finished the first three books in a week :) can’t wait for the sixth book :)

  224. I wish you could make a movie for the series like The Hunger Games did. I would watch it all the time!

  225. o my gosh I have all the Gallagher girls books I just love the series

  226. Katie Ward says:

    When does GG6 come out????????????????????? #dyinghere pleeeease tell me #cantwait

  227. i love the series so much and wish that i was cammie and in her shoes because it seems to be an awesome life. When will there be a movie?? i would love to see it on the movie and see Josh, Zack, Mr. Solomon, and all the characters.

  228. Did ____ really happen in GG4?
    Without spoiling anything, I will say that what Cammie wrote (in the book) is what Cammie meant. If you read/re-read you should come to the appropriate conclusions.

    ^what does the blank mean??? *


  229. Movie?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Hey I was wondering when the sixth book will be coming out? And please please make more than six I LOVE this series!!!

  231. when does the 6th book come out and what will it be called???? i think there should be a 6th because you just cant say “We will go get preston next semester” then end the series… there has to be more! plz like email me or give all of us info asap if you can. i love these books and i love Ally’s writing!!!

  232. ……..guess i should read huh? lolz just saw the new bookk…. woooooww…. in my deffence though i just hit my head a few days ago and the nurse said i almost got a concusion or however you spell it… sooo…..

  233. Please write more. Than 6 or write another series maybe
    About them when they r older like collage . Please
    I am obsessed I want no I NEED more

  234. I’m italian (excuse me for my english) and I love this serie! the caracters are uniques and the story is awesome! I’m waiting for new book (after Out of sight,Out of time that in Italy is called “Potrei stare ad aspettarti ma è meglio se ti vengo a cercare”). I want to discover what happens between Zack and Cam and what will happen at other characters. please, be fast!

  235. Where can I read about the Gallagher wedding after GG6?

  236. i love these books there truly amazing must read ok so read them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. I really love your books.(GG and HS). I hope you make more than six i really love them. It feels like forever waiting on he sixth book to come to my school.(Marietta Middle school). please make more than six. I think all of your fan will appreciate it.

  238. Stephanie Brown says:

    Please write more than just 6 books! College would be great! I absolutely love these books! It would be awesome if Cammie helped build the Gallagher mansion back! Cam and Zach are so adorable!!

  239. Write a 7th book and include Amy, Bex, liz, Macey, zach, Preston, grant and friend Mr Solomon and rachel’s wedding and more with abby and Townsend

  240. Bex Baxter says:

    I love your books so bloody much !

  241. cammie (my real name is camila but people call me cammie!) says:

    so I just finished the latest book and I was wondering if there was going to be a seventh!!!!!!!!! that would be very exciting ;) thank you! ~ cammie

  242. Will the books turn into movies???

  243. Will there be a GG7? And will these be made into a movie or TV series beause that would be freaking awesome!

  244. are their going to be any more books after the Gallagher Wedding cause i really want to know because I’m addicted to ur amazing storys!

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